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Morris, Bucs ushering in 2-2-1 system at running back

Tampa Bay Buccaneers first year rookie head coach Raheem Morris, let

Williams and rest of running backs to be fresher down the stretch

Williams and rest of running backs to be fresher down the stretch

the cat out of the bag when he spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon in regards to how exactly the team plans on playing a crowded backfield. He shed light on an extensive plan to use his arsenal of running backs in a 2-2-1 type of rotation this coming season Cadillac Williams, Earnest Graham, Derrick Ward and Clifton Smith.

Morris described the system as a  2-2-1 rotation, where the starter and backup will each play two series, then the third running back will play one series and in special situations.

Morris conceded that if one player gets hot, He will stick with him rather than sub him out.

“I want to keep that rotation if I can throughout the season, or something like that,” he said. “With the 2-2-1, I don’t care who’s (playing) the first two (series), who’s the second two or who’s the third one. That’s like the hot man — it doesn’t really matter. You want to have different back situations.

“You may want to have Earnest for short yardage. You might have Cadillac for goal line. You may have B.J. (Askew) for four-minute. You may have Peanut (Smith) for third down. I’m going to mix that in and the person getting the one (series) will make it up in a situational play.”

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