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Morris – Burress a “ghost”

Amid an avalanche of speculation, after word leaked that the Tampa Bay

Burress on Raheems mind
Burress on Raheem’s mind

Buccaneers were one of two teams that contacted receiver Plaxico Burress via a phone call, which was exploratory in nature, but more of a mental health check. Head coach Raheem Morris addressed the situation following an abbreviated practice due to severe thunderstorms.

“Plaxico has got to deal with his issue with the league,” Morris said. “We’ll see how that plays out. We’ll see how that works out with us and their timing and everything of that nature. But he’s a great player.”

“You don’t want to defend Plaxico, but if he’s cleared through his legal issues and the NFL grants him back, I don’t want to be the guy to pass judgment. You’ve always got to look at character. You’ve always got to make that judgement when you meet a person. I’ve never met Plaxico so I can’t judge him right now.”

“He’s a great player and anytime you have an opportunity to get a great player, you’d love to see a great player come to Tampa. We’re really talking about ghosts as we speak now, we’re talking about a suspended guy.” Source: PewterReport.com

According to Morris, the team will not rush to pass judgment on the often troubled receiver & will let the legal ordeal play itself out before progressing any further with discussion pertaining to Burress joining the Buccaneers in the foreseeable future.

As it stands now based on Morris’ comments it sure does seem that if Burress escapes jail time and further punishment from the league that the Bucs would seriously consider adding Burress to the mix at receiver.

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