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Morris Defends Price From Chastising Fans

Price to see his first live action in nearly a year

Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris vehemently defends second year defensive tackle Brian Price from fans who’ve taken to local sport talk radio airwaves and internet message boards to reprimand a player that suffered an unheard of, yet troublesome and painful injury where both of his hamstrings were ripped from the bone, causing his pelvis to fracture.

“It’s been hard for me to bash him knowing what I know,” Morris said. “To knock him for gaining weight and to say he eats cheeseburgers and all that, calling him (former Bucs running back) Derrick Ward, that’s ridiculous. Derrick Ward didn’t have hamstring issues. Derrick Ward had lazy issues.”

Price underwent surgery in October and didn’t resume light running until midsummer. He tried many creative ways of staying in shape, including zumba dance classes (because it was not a physically stressful workout). But there were always limitations.

One thing Price could do was lift weights.

“The guy came back and he was the strongest guy on the football team,” Morris said. “I know he looked 330 (pounds), and he was. But the stuff that he could do — the bench press, the (weight-lifting) machines — he definitely did.”

Logically any astute football fan would guess it takes time to heal from an injury never seen before in football, yet some question the mental makeup and character of a player who’s fought his whole life just to get to this point.

The fact he’s been able to take part in training camp and did not land on the physically unable to perform list should say enough about his drive and determination that the one thing he is not, is lazy.

Yet, some fans continue to ridicule a player who’s fought through excruciating pain just to be able to suit up and play in his first action since week five of his rookie season. I for one, say shame on you. To those fans who continue to make a mockery of Price’s situation.

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We all know why the Bucs released former running back Derrick Ward, now. It’s because he had lazy issues according to Morris.

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