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Morris: Freeman misspoke about Leftwhich”Smokescreen”

Raheem Morris was asked point blank about the quote from Josh Freeman after he was drafted in which, Freeman stated, that the Leftwich signing was nothing more then a smokescreen, to mask the teams true interest in him.

Morris indicated that he talked to Josh Freeman about it, and ultimately gave him his first lesson in dealing with the media, presumably it was a slap on the rest in which Morris told Freeman he needs to think before he speaks.

“We talked about that this morning,” Morris said. “Sometimes quotes are taken out of context. The young man was asked the question and he kind of answered it the wrong way.

“Hey, Leftwich called him this morning and told him he’s going to put him in a headlock when he gets down here and then after that he’s going to put him under his wing and get him ready to go. So, they talked on the phone this morning and I think we’re okay.” Source: St.PeteTimes.com

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