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Morris Gets Slapped For Vulgar Language Towards An Official

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris revealed he was fined by the league today for vulgarity towards an NFL Official. The amount of the fine was $20,000.00 dollars, which will be donated to an NFL charity of the leagues choosing. The fine stems from an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Morris over the highly controversial instant replay call involving the late first half interception, in which receiver Michael Clayton was clearly down by contact before a defender jarred the football loose.

It seems strange that a coach, not known for his abusive language towards or in this case at officials on the field would incur such a fine considering the Bucs had one of the worst potty mouths of recent memories roaming the sidelines in Jon  Gruden, who was worse then a drunken sailor when it came to dropping F-bombs.

In Other News:

Special teams Coordinator /  Associate head coach Rich Bisaccia’s name is getting plenty of  radio play among top level NFL executives. Based on comments made by NFL.com, senior NFL writer Jason La Canfora, who tossed Bisaccia’s name in the ring as a prime candidate for a head coaching job in 2010. Presumably, the revelation by La Canfora, comes from one of the many unnamed league sources he quotes. Why else would he drop Bisaccia’s name as a candidate for a head coaching job in 2010?

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