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Morris Impressed With Young Signal Callers Attention To Details

Morris likes the makeup of second year pro Rudy Carpenter

In a league driven by veteran quarterbacks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a franchise has decided to roll with a bunch of youngins’ under center. The fact that general manager Mark Dominik didn’t feel the need to add a veteran presence to the stable of arms this off-season, has only exasperated the fan base. However, in theory the team did add a veteran presence. Only it’s not in the form of an actual player, rather it came in the form of a quarterbacks coach. Alex Van Pelt who last played in the NFL during the 2003 season, was the veteran the team choose to add as a sounding board for the quartet of youngsters’ that the team plans on parading under center in the coming year.

That lack of a true on field veteran quarterback, hasn’t stopped second year head coach Raheem Morris from feeling lucky with the additions to his growing stable of quarterbacks this off-season. With Josh Freeman taking his rightful place under center and third year pro Josh Johnson entrenched as the number two. The addition of undrafted free agent Jevan Snead, who will likely battle Rudy Carpenter, a second year pro and the teams current third string quarterback on the depth chart for emergency quarterbacking duties on game days.

Morris speaking late last week during the teams second round of OTAs heaped praise on Carpenter for being a smart, dynamic football junkie who’s been a gym rats since signing with the Bucs late last season.

“Then you get lucky, but you really don’t want to say lucky because we have a great scouting department with Mark Dominik. They bring in a guy that is a football junkie, a gym rat,” said Morris about Rudy Carpenter. “Rudy Carpenter is smart, dynamic and has been around good coaches and good players. He’s coming in helping out and being smart and on his details. These are not your typical young guys who go out and party all night and come to work with no idea. They go out and do things together. You see them out, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time they are in the room meeting with the rookies, meeting with the receivers, meeting with the offensive linemen, and making protection calls with the o-line coach. They are football junkies.

“They come to me a lot and talk about defense, and different coverages. It is pretty impressive so I don’t want to label them with the average young guy mentality. They got a new guy in there with Snead that they are trying to help out. He’s coming in with some really strong core beliefs as well. It is a young group but they are well beyond their years when it comes to the coaching they’ve had in the past.”

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