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Morris looking for competitive environment

Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris says he wants to create as much competition as possible not only at the quarterback position but the entire roster from top to bottom and feels the team still has a long way to a finished roster, but the team still intends to add a fourth passer before the start of training camp whether it is through the draft, trading for one or signing  a free agent.

“I’m trying to create the most competitive environment as I can, whatever that means. Between him and Josh (Johnson) and Brian (Griese), I’m going to let those guys fight it out to see who’s going to be the player. As of right now, that’s who is on our team, that’s who we’re talking about. We do want to add a fourth quarterback, however that may come. We want it to be another competitive guy. You’ve got to create as much competition as you can. Let the guy earn his spot, people will respect it more, he’ll respect it more and people will look him in the eye, shake his hand and tell him, “Hey, you’re the guy and they’ll feel good about it, whomever that guy is.”

Morris is eager to see some of the teams younger players take on more leadership after the release of such veteran leaders like Derrick Brooks, & Ike Hilliard along with the team not re-signing Kevin Carter.

“We lost some great leaders and we’ve got to find some new leaders. There are some guys on our team we feel comfortable with, some guys on our team that have to step up and fill those roles, but we think they’re ready to do it and really hope they will.””There’s so many players on our team, on defense that people just haven’t heard about — the Quincy Blacks and the Geno Hayeses and (Adam) Haywards. These guys are quality draft picks and we can’t wait to give them a chance to prove themselves.”

While it is a long way from training camp, it will be imperative that many of the younger players take on the leadership roles left vacant by the teams decision to boot long time fan favorites, none the less it was time for the team to see what it has invested in the young linebacking corps. With so many unknowns in Quincy Black, Adam Hayward & Geno Hayes it was good to see the team add some verteran depth when it plucked Angelo Crowell as a free agent, which will go a long way in pushing both the SAM & WEAKSIDE penciled in starters.

Morris indicated the team is still looking to add more competition along the interior of the defensive line, but feels good about Dre Moore & Greg Peterson.

“We still have the upcoming draft. We still have to get ready for training camp. We don’t know where we’re going to end at. We don’t know where we’re going to be. We just are looking to improve every position and obviously that’s a position we have to improve. We feel pretty good about the guys we have. Hovan is not a slouch. We’ve got Ryan Sims and we’ve also got some young guys who are really unproven when you’re talking about Greg Peterson, when you’re talking about Dre Moore. We feel pretty good. I can’t wait to see what happens. It’s a competitive situation.

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