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Morris: Lorig Was A “Luxury” Pick

By all accounts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a solid draft on paper. After solidifying several of the teams needs at defensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback and punter but passed on selecting a defensive end until their final pick of the seventh round when they choose Standford DE Erik Lorig a converted tight end in his early collegiate days for the Cardinals.

While some fans have openly criticized the pick as a “throw away” selection based on other more heralded players available at the time. However, it’s been reported that Lorig has a non-stop motor and is a relentless player in the trenches.

Now comes word the head coach Raheem Morris dislikes the p-word (projection, project and potential) but rather use the term “LUXURY” to describe a player that has long term potential.

“It’s fair to say he might be a luxury,” Morris said. “I like to look at him like that. You’re talking about a guy who played tight end for years. You’re talking about a guy who played d-end and showed maximum hussle, showed effort and showed all those things on tape.

“You never know. You only get 45 guys on game day. Who knows if Lorig won’t show up playing tight end a little bit and possibly playing defensive end. Rather than project — those ‘p words’ are dangerous, projection, project, all those words — I like to use luxury. That sounds better.”

The jury will be out on Mr. Luxury until fans get a lucid indication of what he offers in pads. Until then it’s a safe bet to label the teams latest defensive addition as a potential contributor down the road.

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