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Morris more dynamic routes being installed

Whether it was the right time or not to fire Tampa Bay’s offensive

Olson adding dynamic routes to offense

Olson adding dynamic routes to offense

coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, and promote QB’s coach Greg Olson to offensive coordinator will never be known, the simply fact of the matter is head coach Raheem Morris seems pleased with the early returns on what many criticized as a shocking move ten days before the regular season showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

“He brings some more dynamic routes,” Morris said. “You’ll see different routes, you’ll see routes down the field…You see more of the down field, double-move hitches. You’ll see things of that nature. You’ll see the timing game there as well. But if we’re going to be a good team, we’re going to have to use our play-action passing. We want to use it as a weapon. You’ll get a chance to see some of that stuff from Oly (Olson).

“The number of plays increased dramatically. I didn’t actually count them before I came down here, but you’ll see a significant amount more than I think you have seen in the preseason.” Source: Bucs Beat

The question now becomes, just how dynamic will the route tree become for the offense under Olson. Will it be equal parts of his old Rams and the foundation installed by Jagodzinski, or will it be more of a mixture of things from Olson days as the Rams O-coordinator, time he spent under Gruden and the foundation of most recent?

Only way to find out will be to tune in this Sunday to get a first hand look at what many are anticipating to be an exciting and sometimes down right head slapping season.

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