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Morris wants to become Kingpin of controlled chaos

Violent, controlled physical aggression is what the duo of General Manager Mark Dominik & Head Coach Raheem Morris have been spouting ever since they were promoted into their new roles with the team.

While it was not known at first, exactly why veteran linebackers Derrick Brooks & Cato June were released, it now seems after putting the puzzle pieces together, both were released not because they don’t fit the scheme necessarily or that they are considered more fineness type players. It comes down to what Morris has been saying about his desire to become a team with more physicality which neither player could be mistaken for having.

The addition of Angelo Crowell brings much need veteran leadership to the position, but more importantly brings a level of physicality that his two predecessors lacked.

With Barrett Ruud, the only entrenched legitimate starter. The team will have Crowell, Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, Adam Hayward, Niko Koutouvides & Matt McCoy fighting for two spots.

Crowell, Black, Hayward & Hayes all bring the new team mantra to the forefront when it comes to their play on the field. A physical, no-holds barred approach to taking aggression out on teams which will help the Buccaneers impose there will on opponents.

Basically, all Morris is looking to do is make teams commit to memory, that when you play the Bucs, it will be, four quarters of old fashioned slobber knocking football, where the last man standing wins. It harps on Morris being the kingpin of controlled chaos on the field, buzzing along like a delicately tuned orchestra.

Which brings us to some of those keys to fine tuning his different sections within that said orchestra: Assignment, Identification, Alignment, Communication, Execution, Leverage, Discipline, Aggression, Hustle, Effort, Toughness & Attitude.

Basically the players will have to be assignment sound have the ability to identify their respective keys, make sure they are in the proper alignment, communicate with each other along with the coaching staff, execute the game plan use proper leverage & or technique be disciplined enough to not freelance put fourth effort while hustling and exuding a level of toughness with an upbeat attitude.

Many will argue that is what every team in the NFL does, but not so fast, that is where many a team falls a part as they are unable to cohesively put it all together as a “team” the inability to push aside egos and self loathing while putting the logo above there own personnel agendas is what truly separates the elite teams from the average teams in the NFL.

It is not about having a star studded roster made up of millionaires; it is about playing with in the scheme as one and being accountable to not only yourself but the players lining up next to you and behind you. It is about never giving up in any situation, realizing that to be great or achieve greatness you can’t cut corners and you can’t be scared to take chances.

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