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News & Notes Wednesday Roundup

PewterReport.com is reporting that new defensive line coach Robert Nunn will coach defensive tackles, while Todd Wash, a hold over from the old regime will coach defensive ends. Nunn who has worked under new defensive coordinator Jim Bates in Green Bay was brought to Tampa to help guide the teams young an inexperienced defensive tackles reach there full potential. Many feel Nunn is a master at getting his troops to buy into his philosophy while getting them to maximize there ability.

One of the local fish wraps, in this case the Tampa Tribune is reporting that the team has switched DE Greg White back to LDE, where he was cross trained last year, but ultimately was switched back to RDE after the experiment failed.

For any of  you fanatics, who have been wondering what new head coach Raheem Morris thinks about former 5th round pick Josh Johnson. The St. Pete Times is got some interesting tidbits, Morris feels Johnson should have been a second round pick, but due to a bad showing at the combine fell down many draft boards. Morris goes on to state that Johnson has made great strides and that the team feels good about the current situation at QB.

Why should anyone believe they can be successful?

“To be honest with you, you shouldn’t,” Morris said at the NFC coaches’ breakfast. “You’ve got to create the doubt. You’ve got to create the myth. Those guys have got to step up to the forefront. One of those guys have got to emerge as the guy. When that happens, we won’t have this discussion. We’ll all know.

“Nobody knew who Matt Cassel was until Matt Cassel got a chance. Who are we kidding? Nobody knew who Tom Brady was until ‘Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe on the sideline. Nobody knows these guys. You’re never a good quarterback in this league until you get an opportunity, then you either go out there and you either fail or you become Matt Cassel or Drew Brees or Phillip Rivers.”

“You’re exactly right,” Morris said. “Nobody is proven. We’re going out there and we’re fighting and letting them battle. May the best man put his cleats in and may the best man win. You’ve got one bone for four dogs. Let them go out and fight this thing out.”

“We’ve got two unproven guys. Luke McCown, who’s started six games, won one. he has a bunch of talent that we see every day that you don’t. We’ve got a guy in Josh Johnson who should have been a second-round pick but absolutely bombed at the combine and became a fifth-round pick. He improved this off-season. That’s the stuff you didn’t see. We’ve got a guy, Brian Griese on our staff, who has played in a bunch of games. He’s been a part-time starter, he’s been a full-time starter, bounced into a couple games, won a couple games, got us off to our 9-3 start, helped us do that last year as a veteran. We want to add one more (quarterback) for competition.”

“Hey man, obviously you’ve got targeted positions you’ve got to get,” Morris said. “The number one in these league probably for everybody except for four teams is quarterback. If you’ve got an opportunity, if you feel a guy is a franchise guy, if you’ve got confidence in the guy, you take him. You take him and you have no reservations about. At Indy, I don’t know who played linebacker, d-tackle, secondary, anything — when they took Peyton Manning. I couldn’t tell you who played those positions for them.

“Where ever it falls right now, especially being at 19, you have no idea. You sit there, you can put your board together and then trades happen. People move up, people move back, people jump you. You have no idea. He might not be in your type 90, but (a team) took him to see if they could stump Mel Kiper.”

“This is not a time business,” Morris said. “This business right here you either win or you lose. You get your shot or you go home. The turnover is not as much as you think. Part of the reason people get so concerned about a player like Derrick Brooks, like Warrick Dunn, like an Ike Hilliard being let go is that they don’t know your young players. And the reason they don’t know your young players is because they haven’t gotten a chance to play.”

This is got me thinking, while every media member & draft pundit feel the team needs to draft a quarterback high, what if  new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski along with quarterbacks coach Greg Olson feel the team is in great shape at quarterback with McCown and Johnson.

If the team doesnt draft a quarterback high, then it is a good bet that the organazation  is higher on the likes of McCown & Johnson then many beleive at the present time. Which I am sure will leave many scratching there collective heads.

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