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Offense shows signs of life

Who would have thunk it? An offense that actually produces in the redzone – routinely forced the action down field. With a team that hasn’t played together much throughout the pre-season to come in an look fairly competent it was clearly a different mind set being portrayed against the

Leftwich scans downfield for an open receiver

Leftwich scans down field for an open receiver

Cowboy’s in the first game of the Morris era.

Sure, there is still plenty of work to be done heading forward, but going 3 for 3 in the redzone, running the ball at will coupled with a passing attack the puts pressure on opposing defenses and a quarterback willing to hang tough in the pocket amidst fierce pressure answers a lot of questions that loomed heading into the start of the regular season.

Slow windup and delivery aside, Byron Leftwich showed mental toughness standing there knowing he was going to repeatedly get hit and hit hard. If nothing else he earned some respect from his teammates, which could go a long way in fortifying team chemistry as the season wares on.

With the ousting of Jeff Jagodzinski many proclaimed the Bucs were a team in disarray, much to the dismay of many pundits newly promoted QB coach Greg Olson did a hell of a job calling plays putting players in situations with the chance to succeed.

Overall, if the first game is an early indicator the Bucs might actually be building an offense, that forces opposing defenses to pick their poison.

There was plenty of separation from defensive backs and holes to run through and lanes to throw through. Cleaning up the mental mistakes is the top priority heading into the Bills contest, but the offense definitely showed signs of life and what it could be capable of moving forward.

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