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Olson Fighting More Then Just On Field Influences

After racking up 450 total yards of offense in the season opener, one would think newly promoted offensive coordinator Greg Olson would have the attention of every single player on offense. But potential alone is just not enough to hold the attention of all players at One Buc Place. Tom Balog, of the Herald Tribune.com pens a column in which Olson reveals that he wants the players to be stimulated every day when they come to work, wants them to feel like they have to work in order for it to succeed.

It would appear that some players are more inclined to take the plush confines of the country club like atmosphere in the players’ lounge for granted and instead of reviewing game film in the state-of-the-art media center, would rather play video games.

Olson, didn’t point the finger directly at a particular player or group of players’. It would appear that there might be somewhat of a lackadaisical attitude brewing within the halls of One Buc Place. Which he is trying to nip in the bud before it becomes an epidemic.

WOW(sarcasm), so on a break from reviewing game plans, looking at opponents tape and on there down time they need to continue to study, sometimes many can over think and just a need a release, sure it could become a problem. But it’s not like it is happening during film study or training sessions, it’s on there down time. Making players accountable for their study habits and play on the field is one thing, but to try and dictate every minute of ones schedule once they wake is another thing all together .

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