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Open Locker Room Quotes: Tuesday

Several Bucs players addressed the media after the Jim Bates demotion. veteran cornerback Ronde Barber suggests that Raheem Morris can better coach the defense…second year Geno Hayes talked about his familiarity with the Tampa 2…rookie Roy Miller talked about switching too the Tampa 2 and said he’s fond of the switch…starting quarterback Josh Freeman talked about his comfort level playing under center and out of the shotgun.

(On the coaching change)

“Raheem made a decision. We are all living by his decision. There are some things that we are trying to get done on defense that I think Raheem can better coach us at. I think that’s what he is going with. He is going to call some defenses for us. We aren’t doing things completely different. Jim’s defense is still in place, there are just some things that we are adding. I’m not going to tell you what those are because I don’t want anyone to know. We are good. This team is put together as it has been all year. We went through some tough patches. Don’t worry about it. We’ll find a way.”

(On the change in defensive coordinator)
“There are some things that we’re trying to get done on defense that I think Raheem can better coach us. And I think that’s what he’s doing. He’s going to call some defenses for us. We’re not doing things completely different. Jim’s defense is still in place. There are some things that we’re adding, but I’m not going to say what they are because I don’t want Atlanta to know. There are some defenses that, yeah, I think we’ve all liked in the past that were in minimally this year that we’ll probably see a little bit more of. But again, we’re not doing that much different than what Jim was doing. We’re just giving ourselves some different options and we’re ready to move forward. We’re good. This team will stick together, as it has all year, even through these tough patches.”

(On the defense)
“Let’s not be mistaken – we’re still trying to form an identity. There is not anything that we’ve done particularly great to be able to say that we have an identity. We know we’ve had a lot of turnover on this team so we’re trying to establish that. We’ll do it for the rest of these six games and going forward. Our identity will be what it is from here on out.”

(On how it will be better)
“We’ll find out on Sunday. I can’t get specific, but things will get better. I think we’re all comfortable with some of the things we’re going to do. We have some things we want to get better at. Some of those things are not what we’ve been running the first seven, eight weeks of the season, things we’ve been running the past couple of weeks. We’ll continue to grow into that.”

(On the team)
“We’re a 1-9 football team. I don’t think anybody ever expects to be that. At a time like this, I wouldn’t say they made a bad decision on Jim Bates. Jim’s done some great things for this defense. Raheem wanted to take it upon himself to turn this team around and I like to think that’s what he’s doing.”

(On terms of ball security and feedback from Greg Olson)

“We came out yesterday morning and watched the film talked it out, talked about everything going on. These are the turnovers; I did things out of my element, that sort of thing. The first one I could have just worked the front side and got it to Mike. The second one I threw the under route instead of throwing to Mike. The third one, it was the end of the game. Still, ball security is something we preach and it just makes you look bad at that point.”

(On the fumble)
“The fumble was a mental lapse. At that point we were already in a bad situation. We were on a different page than what we should have been on. We need to just take the sack at that point; you don’t want to compound an already negative scenario.”

(On where they stand in the NFC South and Atlanta)
“With Atlanta there’s more base looks. Their blitz package is a little bit smaller than the Saints in particular. But when they come they come hard. It’s just going to be a matter of getting the calls, being sound, and just going through your progressions. It takes it back to not trying to do too much, I just have to go out, go through my progressions, and be ball secure.”

(On playing in a dome)
“I’ve never played in a dome actually. So I don’t know it I’m actually looking forward to it. I heard the atmosphere in Atlanta is a great football atmosphere, so I’m definitely looking forward to it and traveling up there next week.”

(On his performance in the shotgun versus under center)
“I would have never known it, if you were to ask me which one I’ve done better in this year. You know I’ve had a lot more reps out of the shotgun so that’s probably the reason for more productivity. At the same time I feel comfortable either way.”

(On being 1-9)
“We have to step back and realize we are a young team. And I talked to Coach Dungy a few weeks ago and he told me about his situation, and his first year here. He told me about how the team was 1-8 and coming off a bye week and what he told the team was that you have to prepare as if you were making a playoff run. Because next year you may be in the hunt for the playoffs. So right now we’re focusing on the long stretch. I mean obviously the first 10 games didn’t go the way we wanted to but at the same time nobody is quitting on anybody, no one’s quitting on the team. I mean we’re all just trying to win games because this is the stretch where teams emerge. You see the guys on the bubble, teams in the playoff hunt. We just have to look at each week at a time and it’s a must win situation to get to the playoffs.”

(On his reaction to Coach Jim Bates)

“It’s part of the business, which happens sometimes. He is a great guy, he understands the situation. He is still on our side upstairs; he is still going to be with Raheem [Morris] with the defensive schemes and everything. He is still on our team.”

(On his familiarity with the defense)
“It’s good. I think a lot of the guys on this squad have come from places where the Tampa-2 is something that they had already been established with. That’s big. We try to slide it in along with Coach Bates’ philosophy and his scheme. We had our Tampa-2 incorporated with it.”

(On his reaction to the defensive coordinator change)

“It’s been a challenging year right now, 1-9. I respect Coach Bates for all that he has done for us. Every week he put us in position to win. In the end, this is a business. When you don’t win, certain things happen. All of the guys are very thankful and respectful for what he did for us. Coach Raheem Morris thought it was time to go into a different direction.”

(On the Tampa-2)
“I do know the familiarity that I have with the Tampa-2. It is something that I have always been successful with. We have the personnel to run it down here. They decided to go in a different direction in the offseason so it actually didn’t pan out. At the same time when we put the pads on we run whatever defense they tell us to run. Right now, Coach Morris is going to take over the play calling and Coach Bates is going to help us in any fashion that he can right now. We are going to play a defense like we should be.”

(On the situation of the team)
“It’s adversity right now. It’s been a long year of adversity with personnel in the offseason, a new head coach, some losses. It hasn’t been easy. At the same time, we do have the coaches here, we do have the personnel to right this wrong and go out there and get a victory. It has to start this week.”

(On switching to the Tampa-2)

“I’m excited. It’s something that I am very fond of. It was something that I kind of did in college, get up field and just make plays. I’m just excited to play this defense and just to get started.”

(On his thoughts when he heard the news of the change)
“Like you said, I don’t know what to expect. I just come to work and try to take responsibility for my actions, everyday, and try to give all I’ve got. I just know that I am really excited about this new defense. I’m looking forward to it.”

(On the defense)
“Like I said, this is what I did in college and I made a lot of plays doing it. It also helps us get off on the pass rush. I can’t be more excited. This is why I dreamed to come in here. Warren Sapp, all those guys, played in this type of defense and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

(On going back to the old scheme)

“I had a good time in it. I thought that I was pretty productive in it. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s going to be another progression type thing because some of the guys aren’t used to it. It’s going to be another learning experience throughout the year.”

(On the run defense this year)
“We didn’t have a good showing as far as our plans. It’s a pride thing too. I don’t know if we’re not big enough or not strong enough. We started and we’re playing here. We should take more pride in it.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department.

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