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Open Locker Room Quotes: Wednesday

Stroughter continues to shine

Stroughter continues to shine

Several players addressed the media after practice Wednesday including one of the teams captains, center Jeff Faine. Faine spoke about rookie Josh Freeman making his send pro start. Josh Freeman spoke about his preparation this week…what he needs to work on and breakdown his film. Fellow rookie and wide receiver Sammie Stroughter talked about the team going to him in a critical situation during the game…Freeman poise and his rapport with Freeman.

(On the Dolphins)

“Their running attack on offense is just tremendous. It’s going to be a very physical game. They are a very physical team and we are going to have to really rise to the occasion.”

(On Freeman going into his second game)
“It’s definitely a different story rolling into your second start and really getting back your first start. He really accepted it and did a great job and had great composure the entire game. I think it should continue and he should feel much more comfortable going into his second start opposed to his first.”

(On the preparation going into this week)

“The preparation going into this week is that it’s a normal week. We don’t have the extra week like we did last week but we still have a good idea of what Miami is trying to do. We expect them to pressure a little more than Green Bay did. At the same time we are just watching film and trying to figure them out.”

(On if he is surprised Green Bay didn’t bring more pressure)
“It was one of those things where you never know what you are going to get until you get to the game. We just have to prepare for the worst and roll with the punches.”

(On his second start)
“I just play my game, study as much as I can, just try to learn Miami’s defense as well as I can and go out and try to play as well as I can.”

(On taking advice)
“Since I’ve gotten drafted, I’ve been getting advice from everyone. Really the only people I listen to are guys in the quarterback room, other guys on my offense, maybe some defensive guys and Coach [Greg] Olson, my Quarterback Coach and Offensive Coordinator.”

(On what he needs to work on)
“Just consistency. Like Coach Morris said, the drive to start the game, the drive to start the third quarter, it’s just a matter of going out and putting some things together so we can sustain jobs and hopefully score some more points.”

(On TE Kellen Winslow’s touchdown catch)
“Kellen is a tremendous player. That was a great catch. He went up and got down in the end zone with great body control.”

(On if he let himself have fun against Green Bay)
“It was a blast. It’s always a great time when you come away with a win.”

(On breaking down his film)
“Like I said, I have a lot of things to work on from the perspective of consistency. Also I have to eliminate the turnover. It’s a start, we have a lot to build off of and all I am happy with is that we got the win.”

(On Miami’s defense)
“They have two excellent linebacker/defensive end guys in [Joey] Porter and [Jason] Taylor coming off the edge. Just getting in the correct protection calls so we don’t get with them on a running back in protection. Also both of their cornerbacks, the two rookies, are playing extremely well right now. They felt confident enough in Vonte Davis to have him shadow Randy Moss the entire game last week. We know that they have a lot of talent and speed on their defense. We are just going to have to play our game and pay attention to all of the matchups that we have.”

(On struggling to run the ball but providing good pass protection)

“Sometimes, week-in and week-out, the run game is going to be there. Sometimes the passing’s going to be tough so you’ve just got to use what works. The coaches did a great job of calling plays that were going to work, and we executed them well and were able to put up enough points to come home with a victory.”

(On the Packers’ run defense)
“They play a lot of fronts that make you want to pass. They play a lot of fronts, lot of big guys, and that makes it kind of hard to run the ball.”

(On what the Dolphins do on defense)
“The Dolphins play the same defense, really, throughout. They do what they do. They play their base defense and they play it well. They have very disciplined guys, very talented guys up front and they’re able to do a lot of different things with the same front. From the outside looking in, it looks like they play the same front but they’re just very sophisticated in how they play it.”

(On if the Dolphins will bring more pressure on Freeman)
“We haven’t gone that deep into it yet. It’s just preliminary stuff we’re talking about today so we don’t know too much. We don’t know as much as we’ll know on Friday. But going into the game you can just imagine that they’ll probably be a little bit more aggressive than they usually are.”

(On if teams have more information on Josh Freeman now )
“It’s only one game, so we’ll see. I guess as the season progresses guys will adjust to what he does well, but right now we only have one game so we don’t know much yet.”

(On deflecting a potential touchdown pass in the third quarter)

“When you go in there and you’re kind of new, you feel like as soon as they cross the 50 they’re probably going to go after you. That’s exactly what they did, and my feet turned well. I tried to make a better play than I did, but it turned out well.”

(On if he feels comfortable in the defense now)
“Yeah. I’ve been comfortable with the defense for a long time and I’ve been waiting patiently for my turn, so we’ll see what happens.”

(On the Dolphins Wildcat formation)

“We have to do a good job preparing for it because with the success they have had with it all year they are going to keep running it. We have to knock it out early. We have to get them out of their game plan and not let them dictate what they want to run, like that Wildcat.”

(On why the Wildcat works for them)
“They create some mismatches on the field. They have one more athlete on the field, no disrespect to the quarterback but you’re adding a running threat. They try to get you kind of messed up and get the defense confused and out of position. A lot of times you break the big runs, an extra player on the side that you shouldn’t have, the defense has to adjust to that. That’s why as a defense you have to be sound in your corrections in your adjustments.”

(On being on the interior defensive line against Miami)

“They do a lot of different blocking schemes. It’s a power Wildcat that they run. It’s not really the fancy, try to trick you out [Wildcat]. It’s really just power football.”

(On why the Dolphins are more successful with the Wildcat than other teams)
“I think because they run it more. They have the backs to run it. They have some outstanding running backs back there and they run physical football upfront. That’s why they are successful.”

(On stopping the Wildcat)
“We just have to go there and run gap-sound football. If we can just play gap-sound football and get them to third and long I think we can be successful.”

(On finally breaking a long return)

“It’s good to finally know how it feels. So now, just keep the ball moving. It was pretty much the exact same time last year that I had the first one, so I’m trying to go for it again.”

(On if it was gratifying to do well in his return from a concussion)
“Definitely. Everybody kept asking me if I was going to be afraid to catch the ball like I used to.”

(On the loss of Will Allen on special teams)
“That’s big. He’s our special teams captain, Captain Willie. He’s down and we’ve just got to rally around him, but the next person’s got to pick up the slack and run with it.”

(On all the big plays on special teams)
“That pretty much fires up our team when special teams makes a huge play like that, with the blocked punts, returns for touchdowns and things like that. It just gives our team life. They always say that special teams is the lifeline of the whole team, so I’m just glad to be a part of the special teams to be able to get the feel going.”

(On getting the team’s first win)

“It was good, but it just left that starving hunger for more. We just expect more out of each other and out of everybody in here to have success and do great things.”

(On the team choosing to call his number on a critical play)
“It was an honor that Coach Raheem [Morris] and Coach Olie [Greg Olson] had faith in me. It was a great thing. It was great protection by the O-Line. Everybody did their part, and just making that catch, that’s what was expected. Knowing the confidence that the coaches have for us, when they go out and put us in position they expect us to make plays.”

(On Miami’s rookie cornerbacks)
“Sean Smith, he’s a long guy, a real long guy, about 6-4. He has good feet, good hands – I played against him in college. Vontae Davis has great closing speed. He did a good job on Randy Moss last week. They are great players and the coaching staff believes in them.”

(On Josh Freeman’s poise)
“That’s always been Josh. I’ve been around Josh since the rookie mini-camp and he always prepares to be the starter, from Day One. Whether that was learning from Byron Leftwich or Josh Johnson, he was always prepared to be the starter. There wasn’t that much difference. I call him the Quiet Assassin. He’s one of those guys – when he’s in there he wants to take care of business.”

(On his rapport with Josh Freeman)
“It’s just understanding that Josh has a live arm and there is no ball he can’t throw. Just understanding that and knowing that you are alive at any point, no matter what it is. You could be last on the progression but you ARE live. He has that capability of making that throw.”

(On if his production came from playing more downs, taking more reps from former Buc Gaines Adams, or conditioning)

“I think it was all of the above. For me, selfishly, I wanted to play as well as I can so people would forget about that whole trade. It’s just more opportunities to make plays and if I capitalize on them that would be great.”

(On the Wildcat)
“It works. For them it works really well. We have to really step up and play the run this week and see how it goes. The way they run it, no one runs it like that. We really have to tune in.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department.

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