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Owens To Tampa Speculation Begins

Owens not a match for Freeman and Bucs

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looking for Josh Freeman to take that next step in his maturation process. Ed Thompson of Scout.com in an article that appears on FOXSports.com offers up five teams that should be on the horn making an offer to free agent receiver Terrell Owens. Proliferating his argument for such a marriage between the Bucs and Owens as a necessary tool for Freeman to reach expectations in the coming season.

Here are five teams who who could benefit the most from his talent in 2010.

  • Buccaneers: One look at Tampa Bay’s depth chart at wide receiver and it’s obvious that Owens would be their No. 1 wide receiver. And if they want second-year quarterback Josh Freeman to continue his progress, they have to give him better targets.

There’s a reason the team allowed Antonio Bryant to walk during free agency without even offering him a sniff of a contract proposal. It boiled down to the negative impact he had on Freeman as a rookie. If you remember there was an article about Bryant causing more then a few of Freeman’s 18 interceptions due to his inability to work within the scheme.

Now before anyone gets a wild idea or even suggest Owens to Tampa! Let’s not forget, that for one, the team is rebuilding. Secondly a receiver even the caliber of Owens carries an exorbitant amount of excess baggage and let us not forget about his age. Last but not least is Owens insistence of demanding the football. Him being in the ear of a developing player that could potentially be the face of the franchise, would be far more detrimental and damaging then it would do good.

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