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Penn & Trueblood main problem with Bucs offensive line

Just how bad have the starting tackles of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played

Penn cause for concern

Penn cause for concern

the past few seasons? Bad enough the team decided to change from a man blocking scheme to a zone blocking scheme. Donald Penn & Jeremy Trueblood have started a combined 73 games since 2006, but have garnered notaritity for their inability to help sustain drives and there turnstile play.

Since 2006, the aforementioned Penn & Trueblood have given up 35 sacks, 21 false starts and a total of 34 penalties. When you compare that too the interior lineman of Davin Joseph, Arron Sears, Jeff Faine and Jeremy Zuttah who have combined  to start a total of 92 games since 2006, but have only given up 15 sacks, 16 false starts & 30 penalties.

Trueblood doesnt have the feet

Trueblood doesn't have the feet

You can now see, why so many astute fans were calling for the Bucs to draft a tackle in the first round of the draft, should one have fallen and represented true value.

Sure some of the short comings or quarterback sacks were solely on the part of the quarterback, but are the penalties and false starts on the quarterback to?

It is easy to see the weakest link on the offensive line come at both tackles spots, which is the main reason Penn was not rewarded this off-season with a long term deal.

The decision to move away from a man blocking scheme to a zone blocking scheme, looks to be a wise move at this point, as neither Trueblood or Penn posses the the traits to play in  a man blocking scheme and thus have held the offense back to a certain extent.

The following are the Stats for the offensive lineman cobbled together from StatsInc.com

Joseph 41 40 10 94 6 3 3
Penn 32 28 6 46 15 3 2
Sears 31 31 15 90 8 11 2
Trueblood 47 45 28 210 20 18 3
Zuttah 12 5 3 20 0 2 1
Faine 16 16 2 20 1 0 1

As you can plainly see the stats don’t lie, If Penn isn’t better at helping in the ground game and able to find away to cut down on the sacks, he might be looking for work elsewhere in 2010. Trueblood on the other hand lacks the nesscary foot workout and has trouble with speed rushers because he allows them to get into his body which cause leverage problems for himself. Either way both tackles could be playing there final year in Tampa.

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