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Phillips embracing new role

Jermaine Phillips who was drafted as a safety, is making the transition to linebacker. He has never shied away from contact and doesn’t worry about the preconceived notion that some think he is brittle after missing time over the last few seasons with broken forearms. It won’t be known for sure whether he can withstand the pounding from playing closer to the LOS, but he is not dwelling on the unknowns with everything else that is taking place in the Buccaneers first mini camp.

“I play football,” he said. “If my arms end up breaking again, I don’t worry about that. If I worry about that, then I can’t play the way I play. If I don’t play the way I play, then I don’t have a job. If I don’t play the way I play, then I’m not on the field.

“That’s the way I play,” he said. “I go all out. I hit. I don’t mind physical contact. I’m going to win some. I’m going to lose some. But I’ve got to win more than I lose.” Source: TheLedger.com

While he has publicly stated, he wont add weight he is 6’2 230 pounds which puts him right in line with the other linebackers on the team.

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