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Possible Trade Scenarios for the Buccaneers.

QB coach Greg Olson talks with all four of the Buc's QB's.

QB coach Greg Olson talks with all four of the Buc's QB's.

With reports swirling that the Buccaneers are actively shopping one of their three Quarterbacks on the open market, I thought we would take an in depth look at possible trade scenarios. Now, I feel that it is necessary to clearly state that this is all conjecture, and I don’t have any more insight into the situation than your average fan.

Trade Scenario #1
Leftwich/McCown for Denver’s Brandon Marshall

I’m not too sure how well Kyle Orton is playing thus far in Denver, but I’ve heard that it’s been less than spectacular. Even if Orton got the starting nod over either McCown/Leftwich, they would both be an improvement over Chris Simms and Tom Brandstater(who?) to supply a valuable back up. I would be up for this trade even if we had to throw in a mid round draft pick. Marshall has been at the top of the NFL in most receiving categories in the past two seasons. He would bring an immediate spark to the Buc’s offense. Supposedly, progress with Denver’s front office and Marshall has been very slow and he isn’t even travelling with the team. The Buccaneers have the cap space to give him the contract he wants and deserves.

I know many of us were hoping for a defensive back to come via this trade in light of all the recent hits our secondary has taken. Denver does have the incredible Alphonso Smith as a 2nd string corner on their roster, and David Bruton as a 2nd string Strong Safety. I would like to acquire either of these guys.

Trade Scenario #2
Leftwich/McCown to the Rams for draft picks.

The Rams need help at a lot of positions, most notably QB. Long time QB Marc Bulger has been injured and just hasn’t been productive over the past few seasons. Either McCown or Leftwich would likely be a vast improvement over Bulger or back up Kyle Boller.

As I was looking over the Rams depth chart, I couldn’t help but to feel a little sorry for the once proud St. Louis Rams. I thought our receiving corp was bad until I took a look at theirs. They don’t really have anyone in their secondary with any trade value other than their franchised free safety Atogwe. I think we can all assume that he isn’t going anywhere, and we wouldn’t want to pay him that much anyway. My guess is that if St. Louis wanted one of our QB’s we would most likely obtain a 2ndor 3rd round pick.

Trade Scenario #3
Leftwich/McCown for a Redskins receiver or DB

Washington is deep in both their secondary and at the WR position. Their backup QB’s right now are Todd Collins *puke* and Colt Brennan. I think that either of our guys could easily displace them and maybe even push the erratic Jason Campbell. Their wide receiving corp is extremely deep with Santana Moss, Anwaan Randle El, Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, and D.J. Hackett. Their secondary is also loaded with Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Fred Smoot, LaRon Landry, and quite a few solid back ups.

Given owner Daniel Snyder’s propensity for stockpiling talent, I think he might jump at the opportunity to immediately improve his team at the quarterback position.

Trade Scenario #4
McCown/Leftwich to San Francisio for a DB or draft picks.

San Francisco is a little thin in the WR position, especially with Michael Crabtree still holding out like a petulant child. They do have a few defensive backs that could immediately add depth to our secondary. I have always been a fan of CB Nate Clements. The other guys aren’t great, but they are serviceable. If nothing else we should be able to squeeze a mid round draft pick out of them. It’s not like they need them anyway. Alex Smith is riding the pine, and Michael Crabtree is sitting at home on his couch. They may as well give them away if they aren’t going to use them wisely.

Well, like I said, these are all just possibilities that I could see happening with the trade situation. I may be attaching too much value to Leftwich/McCown but the value of a back up QB is never much until you need one. I think it’s going to be really intriguing to see how this one plays out. So what do you guys think? What possible trade scenarios can you come up with? Let’s try to keep them realistic and address our needs, as well as the other teams needs.

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  • Roland Johnson August 26, 2009, 11:09 pm

    The Broncos are not going to trade CB Alphonso Smith as they basically used the first round pick they received from the Bears next year as part of the Culter trade to move up in the second round to draft him. As far as the Bucs acquiring disgruntled receiver Brandon Marshall think they would have to throw in a second round pick as well as a late round pick and either Leftwich and or McCown to even be in the ball park.

    While value is and will always be determined by another teams true need or perceived need think a second or even third round pick at this point for either is a bit unrealistic, but should a team suffer a major injury in the next few weeks both QB value goes up.

    The cap hit the 49ers would incur due to trade Clements might be too much for them not to mention he is by far there best defensive back.

    I would look outside the box when thinking of a trade when it concerns the Bucs and other potential suitors i.e. an offensive tackle, defensive end or an unknown corner to fans of the Bucs.

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