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Post Draft: News & Notes

The draft is over and many fans feel slighted, but in reality new general manager Mark Dominik & first year head coach Raheem Morris had a decent draft filling needs with solid picks, many fanatics were shocked and surprised by some of the picks, but the duo stayed true to there draft board and drafted the best players for the Buccaneers.

Scott Reynolds, of Pewterreport.com revealed that Raheem Morris, has two nicknames for newly drafted quarterback Josh Freeman, the first is “Tito Jackson“, the second is “Soul Glo“.

In other news the team has signed the following  UDRFA (Undrafted Rookie Free Agents) to try out contracts (a contract that is non-binding past the rookie mini-camp)

S Marshall McDuffie (FIU)
S Terrence Moore (Troy)
OL Rob Bruggeman (Iowa)
QB Joe Ganz (Nebraska)
OG Maurice Miller (Mississippi)

Following the draft both Dominik & Morris addressed the media, fielding several questions. For a full transcript visit PewterReport.com. The following are a few choice questions and answers.

Raheem Morris;

Will defensive tackle Ray Miller play early?
“I think a couple of guys can step in and play right away. I definitely think Ray can. He definitely has the ability to. I don’t see why not. I think his attitude and work ethic is going to carry him through. That’s the difference between the pros and college game. The guys that come in ready to work harder than everybody else usually play.”

What do you think of your outside pass rush at defensive end with the addition of Moore?
“The ends got a lot of the pass rush for us last year. We felt like we lacked it in the middle. When we went to our go package we put Stylez White on the right and Gaines Adams on the left. Both of those guys got it going. But we lost the push a little in the middle. A big guy like Kyle [Moore] you can slide inside for a presence that we haven’t had around here in a long time. We can slide him inside and have him work with Ryan Sims to create that push, or maybe with one of the other guys to do that. If we can create that push inside you might see a more fired up Gaines or a more fired up Stylez. We’ll see how it goes on the field.”

Can you talk about cornerback E.J. Biggers?
“We had him projected a little higher and rolled the dice a little bit. You’re talking about a 4.3 guy in the 40. He shows a lot of bump-man skills on tape. He came inside their building pumped up. He’s a good kid. Great character and presence. We’re fired up to get a 6-foot corner that can run 4.3. He can come in and compete. I’m excited about E.J. Biggers.”

What about wide receiver Sammie Stroughter?
“We had a chance to get him and we did. To get him where we did with as much production as he’s had in his career is great. He’s excited. I talked to Sabby Piscitelli, who was raving about this kid, telling me how he can help us and create some excitement in the slot. Stroughter is probably a 4.5 guy, but he’s got that Peanut about him because he’s a lot faster than that on the field when he sticks his hand down on the ground and moves.”

Talk about tackle Xavier Fulton
“You get this guy and you have possibly swing tackles that can play some guard. He’s a big, strong athletic guy. We’re fired up to get a guy like that. He can go out and play some left or right tackle for us. We could move him to guard. Our team is better, and our depth is better today.”

Mark Dominik;

Are the Buccaneers a better team after this draft?
“Yeah. We are a better team. We’re excited about the guys that we have obviously added to the football team today and yesterday. We’re certainly a better football team. We’ve created some really good competition, especially at the defensive line. A lot of people sit here and feel like we have hit on a lot of needs throughout the draft. We were able to take a couple guys towards the end that we thought had an interesting future and I think they will be interesting guys for our fans to watch. Our scouts are excited about it and I know our coaches are, too.”

What did you see in Josh Freeman?
“Last year, we went to play the Kansas City Chiefs and I had the opportunity to see Josh Freeman play live. That was another part of the evaluation. I saw KU play K-State. That was a great tool. I walked on the field in pre-game and I was amazed at his size, his arm strength and his delivery. With all the pre-game stuff you were thinking, ‘Wow. This guy has a lot of talent.’ But there were some questions with him that you just couldn’t answer. When we walked through him and started the draft preparation to taking him with the first pick this year, he continued to check the boxes on things that were important to us. The nice thing was having Raheem Morris and the insight to the things you don’t know. Does he love football? What time does he show up every day? What time did he show up at K-State? Is he a leader? Do the guys in the locker room like him? Do they respond to him? Raheem was able to address some of those big questions you are worried about at the quarterback position. That’s why we were confident in taking him.” Source: All quotes from PewterReport.com

This fanatic, could not be happier with the way the draft fell, considering the needs of the Buccaneers, every player has a legitimate chance at making the roster and contributing from day one which speaks volumes, for the entire organization.

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