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Post Game Quotes: Week 4

Morris starts off somber in post game presser

Morris starts off somber in post game presser

In a disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins that featured the Buccaneers winning the turnover battle, but still falling short to end the teams seven game losing streak. Head coach Raheem Morris felt pity for his team for all of a  second or two, before reversing his opening statement from one that was somber, too one that was congratulatory in nature and gave the Redskins credit for doing what it took to capture a win. Morris also broached the subject of kicking the field goal with less then five minutes remaining in the game and the Bucs inside the Redskins five yard line, needing a touchdown to win.

On the team’s performance:
“We’re obviously disappointed on the outcome of the game. We play a lot better in a bunch of different areas. We had an opportunity to win the game, and we should have. Actually, I take that back, we shouldn’t have, they should have, they won the football game. They came out and won. It was a well played game by a bunch of different people. We had a couple errors, and a couple areas we need to clean up.”

On his decision to not go for it on fourth-and-goal from the 4-yard line, needing a touchdown to take the lead:
“I felt really good about the defense at that point to get the three points, to get the ball back with two minutes left. Having the ability to take it down for a two minute drive or to get in another field goal and take the game into overtime. I felt really good about it. It worked out in our favor- it stopped them, and got them to punt the ball. We got the ball on offense, and I thought we would have been able to move the ball a little bit better in that two minute drive – to get at least a field goal to take it in to overtime or even the chance to win this thing. But, it was a good job on defense.”

On kicker Mike Nugent missing two field goals:
“We got the two missed field goals, but we’re not going to blink. You can’t blink. We have to keep moving on. We still had a chance to win a football game even with two missed field goals. The guy can win games and we’ll give him the opportunity again. Confidence is what it is – confidence in my kicker is going to make the next field goal attempt. That’s the way it’s got to be, and when I stop thinking like that is when we start making bad decisions.”

On Clifton Smith’s fumble:
“He fumbled his first couple games he played in the NFL, but he hasn’t fumbled in a long time now. He’s on a nice streak and he’s doing some good things. He did a nice cut and a nice run today.”

On Santana Moss’s 59-yard touchdown:
“There was a double move by Santana {Moss}. He made a nice little move. Santana seems to get everybody to do those types of moves and those types of big plays, the ones that hurt you. We knew that coming in and that he could be a factor.”

On the Buccaneers defense:
“You could say that it’s better, but when you lose a game, it doesn’t really matter. That’s not the point. We’re trying to win football games. We’re out there to win football games. They (the Redskins) played better. We don’t feel any better about the results, and that’s what matters.”

On if he thought his team’s defense was enough to win:
“You have to say, ‘yes.’ When you come away from the game with three turnovers and get the ball back to your offense to try and win the game, you have to say that they played well enough in that situation. They gave away one big play and a couple long drives, but other than that, you have to say, ‘yes.’ They did some really nice things today. They played well today.”

Buccaneers Player Quotes

Defensive End Gaines Adams
On his sack:
“On the first series to be able to go out and get a sack is a great job. I’ve got to give credit to the secondary on that play. That was a coverage sack because he didn’t have anywhere to throw the ball. You have to give credit to the secondary.”

On the defense’s play:
“Right now we have to go back to the board and eliminate some big plays. It wasn’t that many today, but we have got to eliminate some plays. Just go from there and keep working. Obviously we see that we have a pretty good defense and an opportunity to be good. We have to cut down on the missed assignments.”

On whether or not the he is taking any positives from this game:
“No, as a football player you don’t want to take any positives when you lose the game. This is just how it is, we lost. It doesn’t matter if I got a sack, five sacks, we lost.”

Quarterback Josh Johnson
On the last play offensive play that resulted in a fumble:
“They just made a good play. That is basically what their defense did. They made a good play at the right time. It happens, it is unfortunate, but it happens. It’s part of the game, it is a lot for us to learn from, and we all take responsibility. As a team we take responsibility for this loss and we all take responsibility for the things that go on during the game.”

On making his first NFL start:
“It felt good to be out and get the opportunity to start. It was good to get the offense going on the first drive and get on the scoreboard early. It is frustrating to be part of a team that is 0-4. The defense put us in good situations today. They forced a lot of turnover and we had solid field position throughout the game. We would have like to have converted on more of those opportunities. I am looking forward to going back to the drawing board and getting focused to improve next week.”

Running Back Clifton Smith
On his fumble in final the possession:
“He made a heck of a play, man. He just hit the ball out of my hand and I have to do a better job of holding onto it.”

On his lack of game-time experience:
“I can’t even use that as an excuse. Every time I step on the field and I have the ball in my hands I hold the hopes and dreams of the team. Without a doubt I didn’t give people a chance today.”

On the difference between running the ball and kick returns:
“No, it’s the same. You just have to hold onto the ball, it doesn’t matter what position they put you in.”

On performance of younger players:
“They stepped up big today. Aqib, with his three interceptions put the offense in great field position. Gaines [Adams], he came off the edge hard and put a lot of pressure on [Jason] Campbell, who did a good job getting out of the pocket and making plays happen with his feet. Josh Johnson, he basically did the same thing, making a positive out of a negative. So we have a lot of great things to walk away from this game with we just have to go back to the locker room and get a little bit better.”

Cornerback Aqib Talib
On having three interceptions yet being unable to win the game:
“Exactly. Nothing we did on defense was enough to come out with a win, so it’s irrelevant.”

On giving up deep pass to Santana Moss:
“I just turned the wrong way. I head whipped on the play instead of sticking a foot in the ground and coming downhill. It just happened to be Santana Moss. He’s fast so he ran by me.”

On frustration of playing well but losing the game:
“I mean a loss is a loss, man. Three interceptions, or one interception, no interception, it’s just frustrating to choke.”

On his vision to come up with three interceptions:
“Coach {Jim} Bates just had a great call in the situation that was at hand for the play the offense called. Good situations provide good opportunities to make plays and I just made our plays.”

On the coach’s positive view of overall defensive performance despite loss:
“We won’t feel that way on Monday. Right now it just feels like we are 0-4.”

Running Back Carnell Williams
On the loss:
“It hurts man, it hurts. For our defense to play that good and win the turnover battle, and for us to basically dominate the game and to lose it, it’s tough. We are professionals, we’ve got to man up, self-evaluate, and come back on Monday ready to work. I haven’t given up faith on this team and no body should.”

On the field goal drive where they had a chance to take the lead in the 4th quarter:
“I think Josh [Johnson] got some things going. We started doing a lot of play action, getting ball out in the flat to me because they started dropping coverage with two deep. It opened up the running game and we got body on body. Guys did a good job up front. In those situations, to be a good offense we have got to score points, we have to finish. We have got to reward the defense the way they played. I definitely feel they played good enough for us to win.”

On what Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris said to the team following the game:
“The main thing is not to point fingers. Our offense on third down went two out of six. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and self-evaluate. Everybody has to continue to get better. We have to believe in these coaches and believe in the system because they do a good job to get us prepared. It is our job to go out and execute.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department

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