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Raheem Morris a huge supporter of Cadillac Williams

In a column penned by Stephen Holder, of the St. Pete Times. First year head coach Raheem Morris sights he is a  colossal supporter of the once shinny Cadillac that used to rev like a finely tuned roadster. After tearing both patella tendon’s in back to back seasons, the shininess has faded away and been replaced by deep damaging rust spots.

“I’m a big supporter of Cadillac,” coach Raheem Morris said. “I remember sitting in the box (as an assistant) saying, ‘Give the ball to the ‘Lac.’ I want to go back to those days.” Source: St. Pete Times.com

This fanatic, just doesn’t have any faith left in Williams ability to remain healthy and a productive member of the backfield. For the amount of money Williams has received over the last two seasons the team is operating in the red in terms of net gain compared to net losses on it’s investment.

But not to fret, as the rumor is that Williams is way ahead of scheduled compared to last season and is actually running and cutting on a limited basis after just three months.

Providing a rare update on his recovery Thursday, Williams said his rehab is well ahead of the pace of his comeback from a right knee injury in September 2007. He injured his left knee in last season’s Dec. 28 finale, but Williams, who turns 27 on April 21, said he is running and doing some limited cutting just three months after the incident.

“It’s a lot different,” he added. “(Last) time, at three months, I was basically still on crutches.”Source: St. Pete Times.com

Many a fan, felt it would have been better severed for Williams to be placed on IR last season to ensure he would not re-injury his left knee, but instead the team was about out of backs and was forced by the situation at hand to gamble and lost in a  game of high stakes poker to the point Williams may never even be half of what he was in 2005.

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