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Rams, Bucs In Discussion On Blockbuster Trade

It looks as though the Rams have a plan B in place just in case that can’t wrangle one of the Eagles quarterbacks away from Philadelphia in a trade. The alternative involves a potential blockbuster trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reports Chris Steuber of Scout.com. The trade would involve the Bucs trading the third overall pick, plus their 3rd rounder number 67th overall and quarterback Josh Johnson to the Rams for the number one overall pick.

Steuber is also reporting, that if both premier defensive tackles in the draft, Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh and Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy, are off the board. The Bucs surprisingly favor South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul over Tennessee’s Eric Berry at number three.

Talk about being flabbergasted after reading the entire article! A trade where the Bucs move up to number one overall and get to keep both second round picks would be like taking candy from a baby. If true, then the Rams must be very high on third year pro Josh Johnson. Talk about a thunderous move and complete backing, by fans for general manager Mark Dominik if he were to pull off the deal as mentioned.

For a minute let’s suppose the deal got done and the Bucs kept both second rounders. Would Dominik be willing to trade the 35th overall pick to the Broncos for receiver Brandon Marshall?

Imagine, for a minute if Dominik suddenly turned into trader Dan Dom and then traded down in the second round and picked up the third rounder the team gave up to move up in the first and used the later second round pick to draft CB Kyle Wilson and then in the third round drafted DE Greg Hardy.

1. DT Ndamukong Suh
2. WR Brandon Marshall
2. CB Kyle Wilson
3. DE Greg Hardy

If Dominik and the Bucs were to pull off such a miracle it would have to go down as the biggest draft day dealings in the history of the draft. Of course, we all wake up and realize it’s just not going to happen as the stars are just not aligned in the Bucs favor for such to play out.

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