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Report: Glazer’s Borrowed $95 Plus Million Against Buccaneers

A report that appears on the Guardian, a European news paper website. Reveals the truth about the Glazer’s business empire beyond just that of Manchester United. According to an investigation carried out by investment analyst Andy Green in conjunction with the Guardian and the BBC’s Panorama programme reveals for the first time the financial health of the family’s business interests in the US.

The Glazer’s have been steadfast in there denial of using monies  from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help pay down any debt associated with it’s famed soccer club, Manchester United. But according to Sportinglife.com sighting a source within BBC that the Glazer family borrowed £66million the equivalence of $ 95,350,000.00 million against the Buccaneers.

The BBC claims the Glazers have borrowed £388million against that business, and a further £66million against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If all is true, in regards to both reports, it would seem that the Glazer’s lone source of income is being generated from the Bucs and could answer the question as to why the team wants to build through the draft rather then acquire high priced veterans who would ultimately command enormous signing bonuses. That would be paid directly out of the pockets of the Glazer’s.

It’s diffidently one theory and a plausible one at that. But the only people who truly know whats going on behind the scenes with respect to their financial situation are the Glazer’s themselves – I highly doubt they plan on opening their books for the world to see.

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