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Report: Talib To Receive 4-Game Suspension, But It Could Be More

Talib to receive four-game suspension, possibly more...

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.com is reporting that Aqib Talib, whom met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, on Tuesday, will receive at a minimum, a four game suspension, but it could be more per an unnamed league source with knowledge of the situation.

“There’s probably enough doubt in this case that he won’t go more than four games, but it could be more,” an unnamed source told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.com. “It’s like he says to guys, ‘I don’t want to see you back here.”

Goodell who kept the power to punish players who run afoul of the law under the conduct detrimental to the league policy wanted eight names off the top who he deemed as repeat offenders, reports Cole’s colleague at Yahoo! Sports, Michael Silver, in a column sighting another unnamed source familiar with the CBA negotiations.

before resolving the issue of whether personal conduct violators during the lockout could be disciplined, “wanted eight names off the top who would definitely get punished, and apparently he got his way.”

Silver went on to emphatically reiterate that it was confirmed by a high-level union source.

Who said that in return for Goodell agreeing not to discipline approximately two dozen players for conduct during the lockout, he retained the right to hand down punishment to eight players he regards as repeat offenders.

If true, and as we all know, Talib is in fact a repeat offender. It’s highly unlikely that it will be just a four game suspension that the commissioner hands down.

Even if there is enough circumstantial evidence that Talib could be exonerated of the charges. Talib served a one-game suspension to start the season last year and defied logic and the league by purchasing a game sweet and watching from the stadium as a fan which is against league policy, for players who’ve been suspended.

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