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Ruud looking for long term extension

Speculation is beginning to mount that the recent absence of starting middle

Ruud looking to get long term extension

Ruud looking to get long term extension

linebacker Barrett Ruud from the teams most recent round of OTA’s might have a great deal to do with his current contract status.

Ruud who is in the final year of a five year contract that he signed as a second round draft pick in 2005 is scheduled to become afree agent at season end, but because of the owners opting out of the current CBA, Ruud is facing what alot of other players in his situation are having to come to grips with, that if a new CBA is not in place that based on language in the CBA players who have less then six years of accredited time they would not become free agents, thus Ruud would be a restricted free agent of sorts limiting his potential suitors and lowering his market value.

This is a game of high stakes chicken that is begining to unfold with the league and the players, but more importantly the new face of the defense is angling for a long term contract which after seeing his poduction over the last few season and a new scheme in which the middle linebacker is featured more. The team should realy consider long and hard before not coming to the table with a decent yet managable contract offer to lock Ruud up long term.

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