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Salary Cap Room

The Buccaneers currently are sitting with $36.94 million in available cap space after there moves thus far this off-season. The team has hit the salary cap floor, but still has room to make several roster moves if the right player or players be come available either through trades or hit the open market after the draft.

Mainly the team will look to lock up several players that have expiring contracts after the 2009 season. The two biggest of which will be MLB Barrett Ruud & RT Jeremy Trueblood, not to mention figuring out long term extension with WR Antonio Bryant & LT Donald Penn.

With both Penn & Trueblood being free agents after the 2009 season, the team will try hard to sign atleast one of them to a long term extension before they can test the open market. With the new zone blocking scheme being implemented this season it is likely the team would prefer to see how both fair before signing either one to an enormous deal.

The only player that is a lock to receive an extension before the season starts is Barrett Ruud after displaying over the last two seasons he is the new leader of the defense on the field. The other player that is playing for his future is Antonio Bryant as the team still wants to see more then just one solid season out of a player that had a troubled past and is still just scratching the surface of his talent.

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