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Suggestive speculation

Suggestive speculation, is all anyone can really conjure up at this point. Whether or not the Buccaneers truly went after Haynesworth no one really knows except the actual parties involved. Could the Bucs have deemed Haynesworth off limits, sure they could have. The team could have even leaked it to the media to save face in front of fans for not getting Haynesworth to give a feel good foot forward type of gesture. It is all any fan can do at this point is offer up suggestive speculation.  Or for that matter it could have been the Redskins who leaked it to save face for offering such a s ridiculous contract to a player that doesn’t even touch the football.  Either way no one will ever know.

As far as executing a plan goes, for all the insider sources media members claim to have not one has been able to offer up a shred of proof or an inkling of evidence that there is even a plan. You thought Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden were tight lipped, at this point you would think Dominik & Morris are guarding top secret missile launch codes or something.

While things have been contradicting themselves of late, with we want to get our young players on the field, but lets try and sign an oft-injured  LB at a spot the team already has a decent one at in Barret Ruud, this is another example of misdirection or misleading at its finest, why would a team be interested in making  a player switch positions to come here which from the start wasn’t going to be in favor of the player wanting to sign here when he has publicly stated he wanted to be a middle LB not an outside linebacker.

The simpler question an answer is the team might feel like it has gotten better by the subtraction of some rather then by adding pieces that just don’t fit into what the powers that be want to mold the team into.

Joel Glazer has said in the past that the Buccaneers want to build through the draft and add depth through free agency, over the last several seasons that is exactly what the team has done, went after players in free agency that provide depth and bolster the bottom half of the roster while giving substantial returns on the investment.  The team is further away from being legitimate contenders then some are willing to acknowledge.

One or two players is not going to turn a mediocre team into Superbowl contenders, it comes from developing talent that a team has drafted or meticulously put together for the long haul, quick fixes just don’t cut it anymore.

The cap dollars the team has squirreled away are for the core youth of this team in Davin Joseph, Tanard Jackson, Barrett Ruud and others if they can take there game to the next level.

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