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Supporting Cast Could Be Freeman’s Stumbling Block

With all the hoopla surrounding quarterback Josh Freeman and what he needs to do, to improve as he heads in to his sophomore season. What’s being inevitably lost, is what the team needs to do as a whole to ensure Freeman has a remote chance at succeeding on Sunday’s.

Ultimately it’s up to Freeman, but he won’t be able to go it alone. It’s paramount that what ever run of the mill scheme offensive coordinator Greg Olson decides to whip up in the back alleys of Tampa, needs to be one that is tailor made to highlight the strengths of Freeman’s overall game.

Whether that’s running certain route combination’s that gives Freeman a clear and defined receiver to throw too or limits his read progressions, the onus will be on Olson to tailor a scheme and an off-season regiment the advances the growth of Freeman’s football IQ.

Finding an identity on offense should also be a priority. If you want to be a physically violent, downhill running team, then damn it! Show some conviction, and stick with it, even when it’s not producing the desired results.

The conviction – confidence shown by the coaches and the stick-to-itiveness displayed in the form of running plays called, will cultivate that ever elusive identity of a physically violent running team and will have the players buying in, hook line and sinker.

But more importantly it breeds confidence in the players and will open up the passing game. This brings us to the next vital part of Freeman’s development. The horrendous play of the team’s receivers, if the team stands pat with it’s current bunch of underachieving, should be splinter gathering, non play making, stone hands want-a-be’s, better known as the Bucs wide outs. Then the powers that be shouldn’t expect any different results from last year.

Last, but certainly not least is the offensive line, find a blocking scheme that fits the personnel on hand. Settle on one scheme and find a way to give Freeman some protection up front. The affect of him being sacked or hit once every four times, he drops back, will negatively impact his growth potential moving forward.

The lack of a clear concise detailed plan could be the stumbling block that derails Freeman’s climb to the top. Even before, it ever gets started.

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