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Things are not what they appear at QB

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal caller Jeff Carlson, who runs

Leftwich behind Griese says Carlson

Leftwich behind Griese says Carlson

America’s Best Quarterback attended Wednesdays mandatory mini camp. According to Carlson, who broke down all four quarterbacks in attendance. 

Josh Freeman is the best QB on the roster, warming up in shorts, his throwing technique rivals the best in the league.  But he is still apprehensive and unsure about what he sees unfolding from where Carlson’s vantage point was.

” If you took their numbers off the quarterbacks jerseys and had an objective, independent evaluator watching the QBs together, Byron Leftwich would be behind Brian Griese on the depth chart.”

When it comes to Luke McCown separating himself from the pack. He didn’t stand out in a good way or a bad way from what Carlson witnessed.

With everyone contending that second year quarterback Josh Johnson seems to be on the outside looking in, on the day Carlson was observing practice.  Johnson looked like he was the number two, if none of the players had names or numbers on their jersey’s and if an objective evaluator was just watching the talent at practice, Johnson would be No. 2 on his depth chart.

Watching, just one practice doesn’t mean much when you are looking for consistency over  a period of time. But it brings up a bigger point, if the team is seriously considering expediting Josh Freeman’s learning curve and Leftwich is looking as rough as some of the reports suggest, as we have previously reported here, Leftwich could be in serious jeopardy of battling Josh Johnson for the final roster spot and quite possibly could be cut or traded depending on what transpires at training camp.

While it is clear, Carlson has only seen one practice, thus can only come to the conclusions he has about certain players, it would be a more idealistic approach to have more data to form an educated opinion on rather then what could have amounted to just an off day by said player.

Either way some of his observations have been reported elsewhere and tend to lend credence to the team ramping up Freeman’s learning and the uncertainity of Leftwich’s furture with the Bucs.

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