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Third Down Stymieing Bucs Offense

How bad has the offense been on third downs this season, overall the offense has been down right pathetic managing to convert just 11-of-51 tries into a first down which translates into a 22% conversion rate. But the more startling facts and figures come in when the team needs six yards or more on third down.

The Bucs have been in 3rd and six or more 32 times through four games, they have run the ball twice picking up an average of 5.5 yards per run, and passed the football 30 times averaging 2.73 yards per attempt for a cumulative average of 2.91 yards per play on third down and six or more yards to pick up a first down.

Breaking down the numbers even further, on 3rd and six-ten yards needed the Bucs have run he ball twice, and passed it 22 times averaging 3.32 yards per pass attempt and 5.5 yards per rush attempt.

On 3rd and 11-15 yards needed for a first, the team has passed the ball 8 times for an average of 1.12 yards per attempt. The team has had 51 3rd down attempts and are averaging 3.06 yards per attempt which simply stated is inept to put it mildly.

The Bucs are simply way below averaging when having to pass the football on third and any yards needed to pick up a first down with and average of 3.07 yards per attempt.

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