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Thursday News & Notes: Bucs Training Camp

Traditionally the Buccaneers have never really been big on selling out when it comes to bringing pressure, but that could change with five man, six and even seven man blitz packages. Based on some of the personnel groupings in which third year pro Quincy Black is going to be used as a hybrid type of outside rushing linebacker / defensive end  with his hand in the dirt, the heat will be turned up on opposing quarterbacks which could be a thing of beauty under defensive coordinator Jim Bates‘.

General Manager, Mark Dominik is looking to change more then just the players on the roster during what some point to as a youth movement or even the dreaded rebuilding process, but Dominik insist he wants to change the entire culture of the franchise.

“Everyone is on the same page with this. We’re going to change the chemistry of this football team, the feel of this football team, and the mind-set,” Dominik said. “It’s the job of the position coaches, but it obviously starts up top. And Raheem has been very clear on how he wants things.”

Head coach Raheem Morris is proving that every negative action or in this case mistake by the team, will have an equally negative reaction in the form of building mental toughness as a group, false start run gassers, penalties run gassers, sloppy play run gassers.

Excuses will not be heard, tolerated or entertained with Morris at the helm, with Morris looking to harden 53 men into an angry, violent systematic powerful force that is full throttle all the time, he is gaining the reputation as a straight laced tongue talker who isn’t afraid to tell players the cold hard honest truth  about what he expects from them and the level of play he is getting from them whether it’s good or bad.

With no excuses and honesty the best policy under the guidance of Morris, the culture is diffidently a breath of fresh air.

Veteran quarterbacks Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich, will get an early gift from Santa Claus as they will be given a light day of work Friday. Rookie Josh Freeman and second-year pro Josh Johnson will take the majority of reps while McCown and Leftwich essentially take the day off for good behavior or in this case the teams like what they have seen from the veteran signal callers.

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