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Too early to judge Dominik & Morris?

Right guys for the job or not?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 season is cloaked in question marks. Every where you turn fans are either overly optimistic or very pessimistic about the inaugural season under the new regime of Mark Dominik & Raheem Morris.

With so much change sweeping through Buccaneer land, it is hard to say which set of fans are going to be crowing at season’s end. But the more important dilemma is whether or not the team will be taking steps forward, for the betterment of the franchise.

If the team plays hard and shows progress, is that enough after two straight seasons of wallowing in mediocrity? While only the purist of fanatics will be able to answer such a daunting question. I for one think it is too early to judge a team running around in shorts two or three days a week.

From my perspective, Morris should be given the same timetable to prove to the masses that he is a viable option as a field general as his predecessors. Just because a coach is appointed the head man, doesn’t necessarily mean he can lead a team to the Promised Land, but until he either totally trips on his own shadow or invokes memories of past legends, who roamed the sidelines of yesteryear most of the chatter is just collective speculation.

As for Dominik, who decided it was time to cut a legendary cornerstone of the franchise in Derrick Brooks and countless other aging veterans, but also drafted what might turn out to be a franchise caliber quarterback in Josh Freeman, only time will tell if he is setting the building blocks in place for long term sustainable success or just laying a foundation on top of rubble.

Both men should be judged on what transpires between the white lines on Sunday’s. Not on an off-season of change. With little in the way to base an intelligent informed opinion or even an educated guess as to what the future holds.

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