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Two coaches make the top 100 greatest coaches list

Over at the Pro-Football-reference.com blog Chase Stuart has come up with a weighted measuring scale to figure out who is / was some the greatest coaches of all time using there win / loss records and giving them a number value based on the number of net wins in a season. There are two prominent Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coaches that  appear on the top 100 list. Tony Dungy came in at number eighteen, while Jon Gruden who brought the Buccaneers there only Lombardi trophy broke the top fifty with a ranking at number 44 of all time coaches.

Sure, Dungy’s rankings are aided by the Colts offensive firepower and winning in the regular season, but it is still a solid attempt at figuring out a slotting system for coaches taking into account the three major stats such as regular season wins, championships, and winning percentage when judging how good a coach is or was.

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