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Wednesday Quotes: Raheem Morris

Bucs head coach Raheem Morris addressed the media after Wednesday’s practice and talked about Josh Freeman’s progression, his gunslinger mentality…he also talked about the throwback game, the old creamsicle uniforms, the development of rookie defensive end Kyle Moore and how he thinks the trading of Gaines Adams has worked out thus far.

(On the throwback game)
“Just the excitement of the throwback uniforms, bringing it back. I had a couple of old players call me back, Derrick Brooks being one of them, talking about how he politicked for it for four years, wasn’t able to get it, and now that we’ve finally got it he can’t wear the uniform. I might send him a 55 [jersey] to his house so he can put it on, look at it and feel proud to wear orange and white again.”

(On how he feels about the throwback orange)
“I love the color. It looks pretty sweet. They weren’t particularly liked, I guess, when they had to wear it but we like the orange, we like the creamsicles. Pretty colors, a nice uniform and we’re fired up about Bucco Bruce.”

(On Josh Freeman’s progression)
“What he’s done since he’s been here, since he took over the second quarterback…once we had the quarterback competition end, he’s really taken over as the second guy. So he’s been the second guy since that point, he’s been able to stand there and watch everybody and learn. He’s been able to watch people have success, he’s been able to watch people have failure, he’s been able to come into the meeting rooms, he’s been able to come in here early and have his quarterback schools during the whole process. What he’s really done in the huddle is start to take over. You started seeing it in the scout team huddle. You’ve seen him go into the scout team huddle, you’ve seen him command, you’ve seen him lead men. And now you’re starting to see it progress over into the first-team huddle, and now his voice is getting stronger and it will get stronger and stronger as the week progresses. The whole thing with him is just patience, letting him develop into that guy which he’ll become.”

(On Aaron Rodgers)
“When you talk about Aaron Rodgers, you’re talking about a guy who can use his feet really well, can move around. He throws the ball down the field when he’s moving around. He holds the ball, holds it and has a lot of confidence in his receivers. He’s got possession in Donald Driver. He’s got deep threats. That 85 [Greg Jennings] can really run, which you know about from last year. Eighty-nine [James Jones] is a great football player, and all those guys. They’ve got [Ryan] Grant in the backfield who’s doing well at running back; they’ve got [John] Kuhn; they’ve got tight ends scoring. It’s unbelievable. These guys are impressive. And on defense you’re talking about probably two of the best corners in the league, you’re talking about two veterans, two guys that will hold you down and lock you down. They’ve got great hands, great ball skills, they’ve been forcing turnovers. That’s really been their winning edge on defense, the ability to get the ball back, the last two years. I think they led it last year in interceptions and I think they’re, if not at the top this year, very high. That’s how they win football games.”

(On what about Josh Freeman lets him know that this situation isn’t too big for him)
“For me, it was kind of just a waiting process, and it was a patient process for me because I’ve seen him do it. I’ve seen him go into the game. I’ve seen him come in, young, green, in college. I’ve seen him do it that way, wait a couple weeks, go in there, go through a learning curve his first game, get in there the second game, really lead us to a win versus Oklahoma State. I don’t know if it’s going to happen that fast because this is the National Football League. It’s the hardest position to play in the world, I like to think. He’s going to go out there and my whole deal is going to be patience. You let him go out there, you let him go through the process, you let him go through everything he needs to go through, develop a relationship with the receivers. You see all the great quarterbacks in the league and they go through the process as well. Then they all end up having some wideouts or some tight ends or some backs that they develop a relationship with and they carry it through for the next five to 10 years. That’s hopefully what he can do when he gets in there.”

(On if he likes the fact that Freeman is a ‘gunslinger’)
“That’s today’s quarterback. All these guys, all these quarterbacks are all gunslingers. They all go through their trials and tribulations and I guess that was started…well, I don’t want to say that it started with Brett [Favre], but Brett is the guy you want to talk about now as being the ultimate gunslinger. You’re talking about the guy that leads this league in interceptions and I don’t think he ever remembers that stat. He just remembers how many touchdowns he threw, how many wins he has and how many Super Bowl titles he’s hunting. That’s got to be a quarterback’s mentality in this league, that’s what they’re out there looking for and that’s what they’re ultimately judged on.”

(On Kyle Moore’s progression)
“It’s been fun. Kyle fought the injuries early, and the last two weeks he’s really been healthy. It’s really been hard for me to keep a helmet off of him. He’s pushing my buttons every week and he’ll push it again this week. Hopefully this is the week. His practice habits, his practice demeanor lets me know that he wants to do it and he wants to go out there and put a helmet on. He’s really grown up over the course of the time we’ve been together as well, so it’s been fun watching him. He’s one of those guys kind of like Freeman, he’s been in the lab. He went through the process of the injury, so he’s a little behind the eight-ball with that. But now he’s gotten over that, he’s out there practicing as hard as he can go and I think he’s ready. We’ll just have to go see. I don’t know what week it’s going to happen. Hopefully it’s maybe this week or it will be soon, the way he’s practicing.”

(On Josh Freeman’s bye week weekend)
“He actually left. He wasn’t supposed to be here at all. He usually comes in on friday’s but he actually left and came back here early. He was here on Monday when everybody else was off and did some of the things like that. He was in here this morning and actually beat me in here. He was in here this morning watching tape and that’s just what he does. He has been doing it since I’ve known him going way back to Kansas State. He’s kind of a football junkie. He’s not one of those guys where you have to get into the speed and development that you have to worry about in a bye week. He has been here for the OTA days, he has been here for mini-camp. It was a situation where he needed to get home and see his mother. He needed to get home and see his father for a couple of days. Then he needed to get back here and get back into game plan before everybody else. That’s what most quarterbacks do. All of the great ones, they study on their own. They figure out what they want to do on their own. They have their own ideas. That’s what hopefully he will become.”

(On pressuring the quarterback)
“That’s every week. That’s just not [Aaron] Rodgers but every quarterback. The defensive line drives the whole team. Last week what they did against [Tom] Brady was pretty impressive even though they only sacked him once. The amount of pressure they put on Brady, the amount of things they made him do. We forced two interceptions from Brady based on our defensive line and great plays by our secondary. When that happens like that, you match his interception total in one game, that is something you can hold your hat on. That is something to feel good about and that is something that your young defensive line can feel good about. There were a lot of bodies playing together and all playing hard. We talk about [Michael] Bennett and how he played. [Chris] Hovan got some of his better rushes that day. Stylez G. White and all of those type of guys getting playing time and all of the guys we picked up. You have to give our scouting department credit too. We brought two guys in here that are actually playing for us in Bennett and [Tim] Crowder. We have the ability to get this team better from the bottom up and that’s what we have been able to do over the course of the weeks. We have been able to pick up some players that have been able to help us on Sunday which is positive.”

(On if he is happy with how they played since Gaines Adams trade)
“I don’t know if it is a reflection of Gaines. I have been very pleased with how Stylez White has stepped up. Stylez has come in and got a sack the first week he was out there. He came back last week and had some great pressures. He was able to get in there and cause some disruptions. He has been playing the run well. I have been very happy with Stylez. I don’t know if you want to say that it’s a product of Gaines Adams not being there but you have to give credit to what Stylez has been able to do with the extra playing time. You have to give credit to Crowder and what he was able to do with the extra playing time and Bennett’s opportunity.”

(On how much more you would see from Roy Miller)
“Those guys you want them for the 35 or 36 snaps. If you ask me do you want them to start? I think the guy is making a play for it but the two guys that are playing next to him are playing well besides down the stretch against Carolina. They have held up pretty well, Hovan and Sims. Roy has been a great complement to those guys going in. Those guys all play around 35-40 snaps a game and have a nice rotation going on down there.”

(On the impact of Tanard Jackson coming back)
“Tanard has been an immediate impact since he has come back. Welcome back Tanard, it was a welcome back with a hit, an interception touchdown. He made it, made big plays, made big tackles. He has been the guy he was before he left. He has come back and developed a little bit of hunger. Some things work out for a reason. Some things can be good things, some can be bad. I’m sure this wasn’t a good thing for Tanard Jackson, I’m sure it was a wakeup call for him.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department

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