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What The Draft Magazine’s Say About Clayborn

Last night I was perusing the internet – reading every little nugget of information I could possible find on the newest addition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in defense end Adrian Clayborn from paid journalist to noted bloggers and the consensus is that Clayborn was not a sexy pick…but a safe pick. So I decided to dig back through the three NFL Draft guides that I have on hand (Sporting News, Lindy’s & Pro Football Weekly) to see just where each magazine had him ranked in there defensive end rankings.  Interesting enough he was ranked in the top five, in all three publications.

The highest ranking being 3rd in the Sporting News, 4th in Lindy’s and 5th in Pro Football Weekly, while I am fairly positive some fans are disgusted with the pick, anytime there is a consensus on a player such as the one Clayborn has garnered within these three publications, who pay folks to scout collegiate players. It’s certain that they have some kind of intimate knowledge for ranking a prospect so high.

The interesting thing is many draft pundits view him as a cross between Saints defensive end Will Smith and Ravens defensive tackle Holoti Ngata. I for one, think that is a rare combination of players to be compared too. It would be nice if Clayborn pans out to be a player who regulars produce 8-10 sacks a season like Smith and is as disruptive a force as Ngata has been for the Ravens in the run game.

So while, some fans may not like the selection of Clayborn. It appears  that he’s just what the doctor order for a team that has struggled for nearly two and a half years to stop the run and apply pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

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