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Wilkerson will have more sacks then Adams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson to trump Gaines Adams in the sack department in 2009. That is if you believe

Wilkerson to top Adams in sacks?

Wilkerson to top Adams in sacks?

everything you here from former fish wrap pen scribe Pat Yasinskas.

Yasinskas, now of ESPN.com during his chat Thursday was asked several questions in regards to Buccaneer related topics.

Q: Pat, the other day I read an article that Clayton had a chance to workout with Jerry Rice in Minnesota. So my question to you is, over/under 50 receptions for Clayton?

A: Over. Slightly.

Q: Who is the most accurate qb for the Bucs?

A: Right now, I’d say McCown.

Q: True or False. Jimmy Wilkerson will have more sacks than Gaines Adams this year?

A: I’ll go with true. Not necessarily a knock on Adams, who I think will improve. But I think Wilkerson’s going to be very good as a starter.

Q: Who will be Tampa’s starting LBs?

A: Ruud, Phillips and Crowell.

Sure anything is possible, with Wilkerson in a contract year, slimmer version and new scheme work in Wilkerson’s favor, but only time will tell, it is put up or shut up time for both players.

After Mark Dominik, made the statement about Michael Clayton catching in the neighborhood of thirty something passes and it would not be a disappointment to the team based on the other weapons, that would be a solid number for a player even though he will be the number two receiver is more then likely the third or fourth receiving option behind Bryant & Winslow.

Surprised to see Yas list Angelo Crowell over Quincy Black at linebacker especially after the rave reviews Black has gotten this off-season, not to mention the extra reps he is getting as part of the defensive end rotation on pressure situations.

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