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Williams To Shoulder The Load

Williams role will expand will renewed commitment to the ground game

Williams role will expand with renewed commitment to the ground game

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson is ready to ditch the 2-2-1 split that the team started the season with, it amounted to the first two guys getting two series, with the third getting one series among the running backs and is ready to commit to Cadillac Williams as a full time player leading the Buccaneers rushing attack.

“We’re going to get him involved more (with the passing game)” said offensive coordinator Greg Olson. “Clifton (Smith) has been our guy because of his threat as a pass receiver. Cadillac has proven he understands the protections and he’s a real solid pass protector and he’s developed as a receiver. Now, let’s work Cadillac in. Let’s rotate him with the other backs but the way he’s looked in the season, I think it’s time we become more committed with Cadillac as a full-time guy.” Source: Ledger.com

After successfully returning from not one, but two devastating torn patella tendon injuries. Williams is leading the team in rushing yards with 191 yards on 38 carries with a 5.0 yards per carry average and is second on the team in receptions with 12 for 81 yards and one TD.

“I really believe he is back and that he is a bright point for us right now,” Olson said. “The way he’s come back this year and as healthy as he’s been playing and as hard as he’s playing, we just have to maintain our emphasis on the run and to getting Cadillac more involved.” Source: Tampa Tribune.com

Williams improved pass protection skills and developing receiving skills, has the team eying a more consistent level of execution and output from both it’s ground attack and passing attack. With a renewed commitment from Olson to involve Williams more when it matters the team hopes that it will find a rhythm on offense.

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