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Winslow AWOL, Sapp speaks & McCown you’ll need a gun to take job

With reports swirling about recently acquired TE Kellen Winslow being absent from another round of OTA’s, many a fanatic is growing increasingly tired of a player that was just awarded the largest contract for a tight end in league history. But more to the point, since they are voluntary and it would seem as though Winslow informed the team prior to his being AWOL, if the powers that be are happy and content with the situation, then who are we to voice are displeasure with the whole situation?

Well, according to legendary defensive tackle, Warren Sapp, there is plenty wrong with Winslow not forging bonds at the OTA’s

Earnest Graham, who was placed on IR last season, because of a sprained ankle was at full speed today in non contact drills.

In other news, the once reserved and low keyed Luke McCown, proclaims the starting quarterback job in 2009 is his job to keep and suggest the only way to prior it away from him will be with the use of a gun.

“Absolutely, this has been a long time coming for me and I’m not letting anybody take it from me,” McCown said. “The first legitimate opportunity, say what you want about three starts at the end of a season, this is my first real opportunity to be the starter, to be the guy, and I look at it as mine, and your going to have to shoot me (laughing).” Source: PewterReport.com

While, this fanatic, doesn’t think it will take the use of a gun to wrestle the job from McCown, the fiery competitive nature in which McCown speaks is refreshing, but talk is cheap, actions will aways speak louder then words and until McCown can show up game in and game out on Sundays it is just idle chatter at this point.

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