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Yasinskas “Bryant Is Gone”

Bryant rolling out of town

Bryant rolling out of town

With a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the head of Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Bryant on whether or not the team that helped resurrect his career will be in play for his services in 2010. Bryant, who’s future has been in doubt since his vocal out burst to the media, when he questioned the motives of the Bucs and the direction – development of Josh Freeman

ESPN South blogger Pat Yasinskas in his most recent live chat was peppered by fans wanting to know exactly that. If the Bucs future plans contain Bryant. It shouldn’t shock anyone, with the response Yasinskas gave on not one, but two different occasions. Yasinskas says it as simple at that. Bryant is gone.

In Other News

There’s growing speculation that cornerback Aqib Talib could be suspended by the league to start the 2010 season. For an off the field transgression. Stemming from the famed cabbi incident. In which Talib struck a cab driver multiple times in the head while the vehicle was in motion. The case was settled out of court, but commissioner Roger Goodell could still punish Talib for breaking the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

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