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Yasinskas: Dominik Could Potentially Outlast Morris

Pat Yasinskas, who is formerly part of the local pen and mic club, as he started his career as a local scribe for the Tampa Tribune, is now part of the more main stream media, as a blogger for ESPN. In his weekend mailbag edition he answered some NFC South questions. One such question was whether or not Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik could potentially outlast head coach Raheem Morris or are there fates still tied together?

Jim in Vancouver writes: Do you think the fates of Raheem Morris and Mark Dominick are still tied together? When they were both promoted everyone talked like they would both be fired if the Bucs failed. Now that they’ve both been on the job for a while and I feel that, while I’m still not sold on Morris, Dominick has shown himself to be a competent GM (at least on draft day). Last year he got Josh Freeman, Roy Miller and Sammie Stroughter (plus Kellen Winslow via trade) and this year he was praised for the Bucs’ top picks. If the Bucs struggle this year, but the young players show promise, could Dominick stay while Morris goes?

Pat Yasinskas: Well, we’re looking down the road here. But, in your scenario, yes, I think it’s possible Dominik could outlast Morris. Dominik is well regarded by ownership and he could survive a tough season in which the young players show some promise even if Morris doesn’t. They may not be a total package deal. But, keep in mind, the Bucs still believe this duo can work out. I think steady progress in the youth movement is the goal expected by ownership this year.

One would think that if the young players begin to show progress, that both Morris and Dominik would be safe. Its hard to see signs of progress by a collective group of young players on the roster and solely attribute that to the general manager. The head coach and further more the entire coaching staff would have had a direct hand in the developmental process of all the young players the team has signed and drafted over the past two seasons.

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