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You be the judge: Rebuilding or Reloading

Exciting, riveting, challenging & emotional season ahead for Buccaneer faithful. With the team a sparse shadow of the squad that took the field in 2008, they are officially in rebuilding mode. Even though some within the organization refuse to utter the word rebuild and would prefer to use the term “reload” it has become apparent that after gutting the team of thirty somethings, general manager Mark Dominik is truly rebuilding the Buccaneers from basically the ground up on several fronts.

First, when you look at the quarterback position it is easy to see, that with a new scheme comes a new breed of quarterback that is being brought in to compete. Larger, strong armed players that can force the football down the field in a  more vertical attack. Which raises a new question will the reads be reversed?

Under Gruden, the quarterback’s were asked to read there progressions from short to long. Will new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski have his pupils reading in reverse from long to short since the onus will be on a  physical running attack that will open up things down field.

Secondly, from a philosophy standpoint on both sides of the football, the scheme changes are a stark contrast to what many have become familiar with over the last decade, from a vertical passing attack, zone blocking scheme on offense to a straight 4-3 head up defensive front to playing bump man in the secondary will leave many a fan scratching their collective heads trying to dissect what they are seeing at first glance.

Third, on the short list of major changes comes in overhauled linebacking corps. With Derrick Brooks & Cato June out, along with the shifting of Jermaine Phillips from safety to linebacker youth will be served in a big way heading into 2009. Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, Adam Hayward & Angelo Crowell will battle for two outside backer spots while Rod Wilson and Niko Koutouvides will battle each other for the right to backup potential probowler Barrett Ruud.

Gone are the days of funneling things to the weakside backer in the Tampa 2, under Jim Bates the MIKE backer is the player to which things will be set up for.

Lastly, the defensive line will not only have a cast of new characters with the additions of Roy Miller & Kyle Moore, but also the promotion to playing time of the bulked up Greg Peterson and the hungry Dre Moore finally being given a chance to compete.

With the defense ends being roughly eighteen inches and cocked in there alignment in terms of how far they will be lined up away from the offensive tackles and the defensive tackles playing head up or slightly shaded on the guards and asked to control the point of attack rather then rushing the passer.

It is clear to this fanatic that the team is rebuilding not only the personnel on the team, but also overhauling the physlophy of the team as well.

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