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You Get What You Pay For

So, after some review of the Buccaneers much maligned secondary, I have come to the conclusion that the front office is responsible for the poor play of this unit. Only two of the players currently on the roster were selected in the 1st or 2nd rounds of the draft. We have been making miracles for so long with late round draft selections that I think they just thought they could continue doing it. Take a look for yourselves.

Will Allen- 4th round pick from Ohio State
Ronde Barber- 3rd round pick from Virginia
Torrie Cox – 6th round pick from Pittsburgh
Marcus Hamilton- 7th round pick from Virginia
Corey Lynch- 6th round pick from Appalachian State
Elbert Mack- Undrafted
Jermaine Phillips- 5th round pick from Georgia
Tanard Jackson- 4th round pick from Syracuse
Sabby Piscitelli- 2nd round (last pick of round) pick from Oregon State
Aqib Talib- 1st round pick from Kansas

Now with exception of Barber, who has been a stalwart of this defense for ages and perhaps Jackson and Talib, all of these players have pretty much played as you would expect for their draft position. Except for Piscitelli, who just can’t seem to get this NFL thing figured out.

Compare this with teams like the Redskins, who currently have three first round picks (Hall, Landry, and Rogers) comprising their secondary.

Why hasn’t the front office addressed this need in free agency? What does this say about Morris’ ability to judge talent? These are his guys. Don’t be so upset about the play of our secondary Bucs fans. After all, you get what you pay for.

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  • Paul Mueller September 23, 2009, 3:20 pm

    You’re not kidding. Remember when they had a chance to trade for Lito Sheppard, a former first-round pick and two-time Pro-Bowler, for a second-round pick (the pick they used to draft Piscitelli)? Crazy.

    Eric Berry would look good in red . . .

  • Lee C September 23, 2009, 3:23 pm

    Oh yeah. He can actually play the corner too. Taylor Mays wouldn’t look bad either.

  • Roland Johnson September 24, 2009, 1:12 am

    Sure Morris & Dominik had input on most of the signings and drafting’s on the list, but how much of the blame is truly there’s and how much should be placed elsewhere? Many fans and pundits loathed the fact that team never addressed the quarterback position with what could be consider the future of the franchise, so the first act by the new regime was to hand pick the future of the franchise.

    Now they are being ridiculed, for not addressing the secondary! It’s not about where a player or round a player was chosen in, but rather the development once hey are drafted.

    Typically, the secondary has played good to great under Morris when he was the secondaries coach. So if anything he should be commanded for getting the most out of a rag tag bunch to begin with.

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