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Youth or Veterans-Fans cant have it both ways

For years fans have called for a youth movement within the rank & file, now that new general manger Mark Dominik along with the coaching staff have decide to roll with the youngsters on the roster and coach them up fans are revolting while chanting at every chance they can get for more veterans, free agents and proven talent.

Of course it is like anything else, one always wants what one can’t have.The adjustment in philosophy and the upgrade in coaching will affect the play of the entire team this season. While many who read this will roll there eyes and shake there heads, the team upgraded the majority of the coaching staff on the offensive side of the football, even to a point brought in a defensive line coach in Robert Nunn that is a master at teaching defensive line play, while it is not a sure bet how much a coach can have on the overall effect to the end product on the field come this fall, after watching the team under the old regime hope springs eternal in this fan.

For all the moaning about receivers coach Richard Mann not being one o the coaches axed, how many times were receivers running open last season? It is a safe bet that was part of the reason he was brought back, because Morris & Dominik felt that it was the play of the quarterback and not the coaching of the receivers.

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