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Good, Bad, & The Ugly: Lions

Mike Williams (19) catches a pass over a Detroit defender. Tampa lost the contest 27-20.

Thank God that’s over with.

Week one, the team we all had so many expectations for just got demolished by the Detroit Lions. The score doesn’t do the game justice, not at one point beyond the first quarter did I think we actually stood a chance. That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to watch.

The Good
Gerald McCoy. While Ndaumukong Suh‘s stat-line reads better, his performance doesn’t show it. Last season’s All-Pro,  Rookie of the Year got shut-down … bad. Gerald? He ripped through the Lions line like a knife through butter. He tore throught double-teams like he was Warren Sapp. Suh? His best tackle was downfield after getting checked at the line for five seconds by Davin Joseph and jogging to the play. His performance is about the only thing the offensive line should be proud of.

Sean Jones had a great game too;  every time he made a tackle it seemed he was stripping the ball or doing something to try to create a turnover.

Josh Freeman inside the two-minute drill was fantastic; I’ll take his one interception as I’m sure he thought that it was a free play. When he wasn’t throwing to a check down he was great. When he passed past the first down marker he was great.

Michael Koenen – Three touchbacks in his first three kick-offs, despite kicking from the 25-yard line on one.

The Bad
Adrian Clayborn, I say he’s bad because his angles were terrible. He had various attempts to make a play at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield but was unable to convert. He got good pressure on a few plays but nothing that really awed me.

The Ugly
Greg Olson, are you kidding me? Seriously? That’s it? That’s what I’ve been looking forward to for months? Watching Earnest Graham run out of shotgun twice then up the gut? What did that do for us? Oh that’s right, three and out. I think Bill Castle at Lakeland High School could have had a better offensive gameplan. Hell, I may have done a better job. That was pathetic.

LeGarrette Blount – What happened to him? Five runs? Where did he go?

Last but not least, I know this may seem biased, but the referees. How was the pass to Mike Williams in the third quarter not a pass interference? He was shoved.

Hopefully this was a one-time thing.  Morris and Olson will review tape and try to clean it up.  Don’t be too down; the Lions are a good team.  Granted, when you spend a decade compiling top-10 draft picks, you’re going to have some talent.

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