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Bucs drop another one, fall to 1-9 on the season

Bucs drop another one, fall to 1-9 on the season

Another week another loss for the Buccaneers, fans should exercise extreme patience when judging the maturation process of rookie Josh Freeman. From the beginning everyone knew Freeman needed time to develop and would have some down right horrid games if he was inserted as the starter, but after two solid performances in which he gave the team, a legitimate chances at securing a victory. The young rookie suddenly morphed into to what many suspected they would see from a young quarterback pressing to make something happen, limited reps in training camp makes his learning curve a bit steeper and the adjustment to two different offensive schemes is not helping his development. Even with that said, Freeman still showed some flash in engineering a 12 play 95 yards drive that was capped by an 18-yard touchdown pass to Michael Clayton in the back of the endzone. On the play Freeman stepped up in the pocket to elude rushers, then scrambled to his right and found a wide open Clayton for his fifth touchdown of the season.

Earnest Graham – Missing in action during the teams first 9 games and after having to move to fullback due to injuries. Graham came out of hiding and had two runs that produced 29 yards on the team’s lone scoring drive. But Olson for what ever reason lost the desire to feature the hot hand. Conviction to the ground game has been puzzling to say the least, when after all, it was preached that the team would make it’s identity by becoming a downhill physical running team.

Josh Freeman – His accuracy has been one of, if not his biggest detractors even going back to his collegiate days at Kansas State. Freeman’s accuracy issues are twofold, the first boils down to anticipating throws and the second is his chemistry with his receivers. But to become a good or even great quarterback in the NFL he must master the art of anticipation, then go to work on his placement of the football in correlation to his receivers and the defender.

Run Defense – For what every reason Jim Bates refuses to cultivate a scheme that better fits the personnel at his disposal. It is blatantly obvious even to the must novice of fans that the team just doesn’t have the type of players needed in the front seven to continually compete up front in the current scheme, so why not adjust the scheme to fit the personnel?

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