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Good, Bad & The Ugly: Week 14

Talk about a team totally regressing, 124 yards of offense 3-points scored and just a total lack of fight. The Bucs have spiraled out of control – shrouded in a gloomy haze. The team is the perfect picture of ineptness. It starts at the very top of the organization and trickles down. Owners who presume they actual know something about football in less then a year, have the Buccaneers at the very vain beginning of there existence as an NFL franchise known as perennial laughable loser.

Draft Slotting – With every loss and inept showing the team continues to have a small glimmer of hope of drafting the most dominant defense player of the last decade in Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh. With every mounting loss the team remains in the hunt for Suh, the biggest things fans worry about is the front office actually screwing it up.

Team – The magnitude of problems that exist within the organization have become comical at best, if you applied the word bad in front of every aspect of the team it would be a conservative description of a truly pathetic situation.

Hope – This is by far, the worst as fans have begun to shun the team because that small flickering light of hope has dimmed so much so that fans can no longer see conviction from the owners to field a capable staff that has the foresight or the knowledge to turn things around with a solid plan for the foreseeable future.

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