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Good, Bad & The Ugly: Week 5

One of Winslows six catches

One of Winslow's nine catches

Bad decisions, play calling, penalties and a porous defense along with a myriad of dropped passes from receivers did the Bucs in against the Philadelphia Eagles. It seems like it’s a bad dream every week, the team does the same exact thing expecting different results. Until and only when the team decides to change things up and actually sticks to a plan will they then succeed on the field.

Jimmy Wilkerson – After registering 2 sacks through four games Wilkerson broke out and nailed the trifecta against the Eagles. The Eagles had only given up three sack through 3 games until Wilkerson stole the show and dropped McNabb three times.

Kellen Winslow – Nine catches 102 yards and two touchdowns, when was the last time the Bucs had a tight end go over a 100 yards receiving in a game? Winslow showed great poise, energy and game breaking ability too bad the rest of the teams tight ends and receivers didn’t show the same intensity level.

Play Calling – Dink & dunk just wont get it done, when the team did have success it was because Olson dialed up some deep to intermediate passing plays, but the lack of conviction to the ground game is puzzling to this observer considering they are trying to find an identity and become a downhill physical running team the pushes the ball down field in the passing game.

Offensive Line – It’s a mixed bag of manure at this point, it’s heckle and jeckle it’s just about any adjective you want to use to describe the play of the line through five games. There seems to be no passion for run blocking, are the Bucs a zone team or a man on man blocking team the constant flip flopping between blocking schemes is half the problem, after installing the zone scheme in off-season workouts and training camp there no continuity and gelling going on in the trench.

The Ugly
Decisions – To go for it not once, but twice in the first half with a young quarterback and a team looking for some positives instead of kicking the field goals, then right before the half with six second on the clock to forgo another field goal attempt that could have had the score 16-21 and the team feeling good going into half time, the team went for it and gambled and came up with goose eggs instead of riding a wave of confidence and gaining some momentum the team wobbled into the locker room with heads hung low and all confidence lost.

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