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Good, Bad & The Ugly: Week 7

Freeman see first action of regular season

Freeman see first action of regular season

Outmanned, out coached, – the Bucs continue to fight. With no shot in hell against a far superior team in the Patriots. The Bucs drop to zero-dash-seven and have now lost 11 straight games dating back to last season. For those who shouted from the mountain tops that they wanted rookie signal caller Josh Freeman to take the field you got your wish, but what he showed in the handful of snaps was that he is not ready. Two sacks, one fumble, one delay of game penalty, one scramble for five yards and 2-of-4 for 16 yards. Let’s face it, put a fork in the 2009 team, because the only thing left to fight for is job security in 2010.

Tanard Jackson – Displayed great athletic ability and coverage skills for the second week in a row. He is one of the team’s building blocks and a true play maker on defense. Lead the team with eight tackles and record his second interception in as many weeks.

Aqib Talib – Is becoming a dominant force in pass coverage, leads the team with four interceptions – is beginning to coming into his own as a shut down corner. While he did allow randy Moss to catch a  37 yard pass from Tom Brady, Talib last four games should leave fans with a  glimmer of hope that a former first round might has a chance to become a Pro bowler in time.

Sammie Stroughter – Three catches for 63 yards against the Patriots he continues to add to his total with 16 catches for 214 yards on the season with an average of 13.4 for reception Stroughter is becoming known as Mr. Reliable. He’s also averaging 9.7 yards on punt returns and 32.7 on kickoff returns. Truly the gem of the draft and quickly becoming a draft day steal.

Josh Johnson – 9-of-26 and three more interceptions is a clear sign of regression rather then progression it almost looked like he was thinking too much as opposed to trusting what he saw and letting it fly. The other bothersome thing was his reluctance to run and make plays with his feet.

Third Quarter – The Bucs have been outscored 47-7 in the third quarter heading into the game against the Patriots, after the game the deficit only grew by seven. The Bucs through 7-games have been outscored 54-7 in the third quarter.

State of the Franchise – Zero-dash-seven enough said. But who is really calling the shots? Is it the Glazer’s, Mark Dominik or Raheem Morris. Based on the phone call from someone with a direct line to Morris and the ensuing thrusting of Freeman into the game it’s clear, Morris is nothing more the a puppet on a string.

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  • Lee C October 26, 2009, 11:06 am

    Agreed on the puppet reference. He was getting told by someone to put him in the game. Was it Dominik or the Glazers? And why are they making in-game decisions. Are the Glazers becoming a dual version of Daniel Snyder? Actually I guess they would be worse than Snyder, cuz at least he spends money on free agents to try to make the team competitive.

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