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Buc Centrals: 7rd Mock Draft

With the Buccaneers spending most of there attention and cap resources on upgrading the offensive side of the football, It is not hard to fathom the team drafting heavy on the defensive side of the football come late April.

With only one pick on the first day due to the trade for tight end Kellen Winslow, there might not be a prospect worth drafting at 19 that could provide an immedate impact, if that is the thinking in the war room, It would be wise to trade down and try and pick up a second round pick.

1. Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forrest scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Excellent ball skills, closing on the ball quickly and watching it into his hands. Can adjust to ball over his shoulder. Able to return interceptions for significant yardage. Very good speed to stay with receivers down the sideline, along with fluid hips and excellent quickness to handle short-area responsibilities. Reads the quarterback well, and can undercut throws to make a play. Very confident on an island, and won’t back down even if giving up size to his opponent. Able to get position on receivers in order to cut off routes. Not shy about contact, and will attempt to wrap tackle in the open or cut if needed. Can close down the sideline on outside runs. Tries to strip the ball when part of a gang tackle. Got touches as a receiver on quick screens, and could be a return option.

Negatives: Short with only an adequate build and strength. Gives up several inches in height to outside receivers who can take advantage of him in jump balls down the sideline and red-zone situations. Can get vertical quickly, but isn’t strong enough to out-fight bigger receivers for the ball. Struggles to get off decent receiver run blocks in space. Not a great one-on-one open-field tackler. Best as a zone corner or in the slot, as he may have problems jamming physical receivers at the line of scrimmage.

2. Ron Brace DT Boston College scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Square-framed, naturally large man. … Surprising initial quickness off the snap to disrupt the play before it has a chance to begin. … Good lateral quickness to slide down the line. … Good use of hands to slap away the blockers’ attempts to control him. … Good overall strength, especially in his lower body, to hold up at the point. … Can anchor against the double-team and flashes the ability to split. … Able to close if given a free lane. … Recognizes the action quickly and can slide off the block onto the runner as he goes by. … Versatile defender capable of projecting as a zero-, one- or three-technique at the next level.

Negatives: Only “phone booth” quickness. … Requires a free lane to close on the quarterback and isn’t going to provide significant interior pass rush. … Marginal effort and ability in pursuit. … Flanked by a better prospect in Raji and often faces only one blocker. … Struggled with a recurring back injury in 2008. … Concern over back injury only heightened considering his heavy build and potential to allow his weight to get out of control.

3.  Paul Kruger DE Utah scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Tall with a fairly developed upper body and the frame to add another 10-15 pounds of muscle without losing speed. … Relentless as a pass rusher, works hard to attack the passer in or outside the pocket. … Gets under his man’s pads to push him into the quarterback. … Overwhelms backs and tight ends in pass protection. … Nice straight-line and closing speed. … Flashes explosiveness as a tackler and has the length to secure. … Also hustles down the line and chases ballcarriers downfield. … Good backfield awareness and lateral agility to knock down passes and keep contain on reverses, run plays and bootlegs. … Very good at changing direction in space, can drop fluidly. … Effective playing upright as a 3-4 rush linebacker due to his length, hustle and athleticism. … Handles coverage responsibilities well, staying with backs in the flat and on wheel routes. … Breaks down and drops his hips in space better than you’d expect for his size. … Mature player with an excellent motor.

Negatives: Must continue to build strength throughout his body. … Plays too tall at times, allowing better offensive tackles to latch onto him and take him out. … Has not yet mastered how to rip off blocks at the line. … Needs more pass rush moves, relies on a bull rush that worked against the Mountain West but might not be enough against stronger NFL tackles. … Will be a 23-year-old rookie with two years of college football experience.

4. Kory Sheets RB Purdue scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Lanky build with the room for additional mass without a significant loss of quickness. Quick to the hole. Agile. Can make defenders miss in tight quarters. Quickly gets to top speed and can accelerate through a gap and to the second level. Patient runner who follows his blocks, but can stick his foot in the ground and explode through holes. Good speed for the stretch play. Good vision for the cutback. Despite a lack of prototypical bulk and leg drive, is an extraordinarily effective runner near the goal-line. Good hands out of the backfield. Experienced kick returner with the vision and speed to contribute immediately in this area. Four year contributor who has never missed a game due to injury. Enjoyed a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl. Could have been hidden a bit by Purdue’s reliance on the passing game and surprise at the next level.

Negatives: Lacks the bulk and lower leg drive necessary for grinding out the tough yards. Only had one season as the team’s primary back. Operated out of a spread offense, and will likely be forced to acclimate to a more pro-style offense in the NFL. Marginal effectiveness as a pass blocker. Supplies good effort, but simply lacks the strength to hold up. Complained about the struggles of the rest of the Purdue offense — specifically quarterback Curtis Painter — to the press.

5. Mike Wallace WR Mississippi scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Looks the part. Athletic build with room for additional mass. Rare straight-line speed. Eats up the cushion quickly and can blow by the defender. Smooth acceleration and has a late burst to pull away if being challenged. Can track the ball over his shoulder. Developing into a more reliable route-runner and pass-catcher. Has the foot quickness and balance to be a good route-runner and can sink his hips. Generally uses his hands to make the reception, though he still allows too many into his pads. Has some lateral agility to make defenders miss. Helped himself with a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl.

Negatives: Still a work in progress as a route-runner. Learning to sink his hips and explode out of his cuts, as he has to gather himself too much. Struggles a bit against press coverage. Has to use his hands better to gain a quick release. Lets too many passes into his pads, resulting in some ugly drops. Doesn’t consistently show the vision and elusiveness in the open field to truly capitalize on his pure speed. Needs an open lane as a returner to break off a big gain.

6. Lee Robinson OLB Alcorn State scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Good height and upper-body strength. … Can bull rush and rip from running back/tight end blocks. … Nice closing speed, runs downhill to attack ballcarriers. … Often lines up outside the defensive end in a rushing stance to take advantage of his explosiveness. … Uses his hands to keep cut blocks off his knees. … Fights through trash inside to get to the ballcarrier. … Will hustle down plays. … Team leader on and off the field.

Negatives: Teams will not know whether he’s a versatile inside-outside linebacker or a “tweener” until they have him in training camp. … High and slow in his backpedal, but can stay with tight ends in short areas. … Does not change direction well laterally in space. … Needs to improve his open-field tackling, as he bounces and slides off too easily bigger backs.

7. Pierre Walters DE Eastern Illinois scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Good height, length and build in the upper body, along with good leg strength. Plays hand-down and standing up. Reads and reacts quickly to inside runs. Holds up his man while holding his ground, waiting for the back to make a choice. Gets under the pads of a tackle to get around him and push him into the quarterback. Uses his hands violently across the body of his man to pressure the passer. Good quickness on stunts to effect inside runs.

Negatives: Might not provide enough pass rush for 4-3 teams and might not be quite big enough to be a good 3-4 end option. Flashes quickness off the snap, but more of a power rusher than quick around the edge. His sacks often come when quarterback hangs onto the ball too long or steps up in the pocket. Needs more pass rush moves; his spin move is too slow to develop. Does not turn corner quickly enough. Inconsistent second effort. Could improve his backfield awareness to keep from biting on play-action and misdirection. Pedals tall and slow in zone blitzes.

7. Chris Baker DT Hampton scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: Adequate build in the upper and lower body. … Good quickness off the snap. … Gets his hands into his man’s jersey quickly, attacks a shoulder and constantly works to the quarterback. … Can also extend his arms inside the numbers to get leverage and push into the backfield. … Also able to stand up his man on run plays, use his upper-body strength to move him to either side and make a play on the ball. … Uses arm-over move and violent hands to shoot the gap inside. … Will split double-team blocks to pressure the passer. … At end, he held his ground against the run and used his strength, hands and quickness to get by offensive tackles one-on-one. … Shows fairly quick feet, can stay off cut blocks, chase down the line and hustle downfield to get to the ball. … Doesn’t back down from anyone.

Negatives: Could work harder against double teams inside and too often stands around after initial contact. … Must improve his awareness on misdirections and screens. … Stamina is an issue, will be best as part of a rotation. … Showed potential in Happy Valley, but his senior season production came against a lower level of competition at a position he might not play in the NFL. … Character issues abound based on his record at Penn State.

7. Jeremy Childs WR Boise State scouting report provided by cbssports.com

AnalysisPositives: At least adequate size for the position. Athletic frame with room for additional mass. Good initial quickness off the snap. Has the lateral agility and the hand strength to slap away the initial punch in press coverage. Good balance and agility as a route-runner. Can sink his hips and change directions quickly as a route-runner. Best attribute might be his hands. Soft hands to pluck the ball out the air. Can extend and catch outside of his frame. Good body control and concentration to make the tough reception despite tight coverage. Knows where the sidelines are and can drag his feet.

Negatives: Questionable straight-line speed and lacks the explosiveness out of his breaks to generate consistent separation from NFL-caliber cornerbacks. Lacks the elusiveness to make defenders miss and turn underneath routes into long plays. Was suspended for the 2007-08 Hawaii Bowl and again for the 2008 season opener (against Idaho State) for undisclosed violations of team rules.

By adding four young players along the defensive line that leaked like a  sieve in the late season collapse, it gives the Bucs versatility  with two space eating interor defensive lineman and two edge rushers it would allow the teams young linebackers the oppourtunity to freely flow to the football  recking havoc along the way.

The addition of another cocky corner who can play tight man coverage in Smith gives the team another play maker in the back seven to team with Aqib Talib.

Adding speed to the offense in Sheets & Wallace gives the team two game changers an the ability to stretch the field to allow Winslow and the downhill running game room to operate.

Childs not only has speed but has the size to be a very productive player as a role player within the new offense.

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